Preparing for Cyber Insurance? 6 Questions to Ask Your IT Team Today

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The list of companies that have experienced data breaches in 2022 continues to grow, including Meta, Samsung, Twilio, Twitter, Uber and more.  If these companies – with their large, dedicated cybersecurity teams – are vulnerable, so is every other company. No wonder the cyber insurance market is expected to grow at a compound average ... Read More

5 Things to Do at This Year’s Gartner IAM Summit

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Special offer: Register with priority code “IAM17EDC” to save $350 on the standard price. Businesses have some tough decisions ahead related to their identity and access management (IAM) strategy. They’re under tremendous pressure to rapidly secure their environments and progress toward establishing a zero trust architecture. As part of this, ... Read More

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) vs. Zero Trust Application Access (ZTAA): Which Is Better?

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The concept of zero trust has gained a lot of excitement in recent years. A zero trust architecture assumes an inherently hostile network and treats every user request as an external party. This practice has been crucial to secure increasingly remote, cloud-based working arrangements, especially as broken access control remains ... Read More

The Password Is Becoming Passé, Let’s Celebrate World Secure Sign-On Day

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For eight years, World Password Day has served the important purpose of reminding users to change and secure their passwords to protect identities, data and systems. Today, however, passwords are only one piece of a much bigger login security puzzle that includes Single Sign-On (SSO), social logins, and passwordless strategies ... Read More

Bring Homegrown Apps into a Modern, Secure Cloud-based Identity and Access Management Environment in Minutes

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Innovative companies often establish their edge by rapidly building unique applications that set them apart from established players. But once these applications – whether built for customers or for internal users – begin to mature and drive growth and profitability, you need to treat them as the vital assets they ... Read More

Migrate Legacy Applications to Modern Identity Platforms in Minutes with Datawiza

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Identity access management (IAM) is more important than ever, and you’ve made the smart decision to work toward a Zero Trust environment by implementing a cloud-based identity management platform – maybe Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Amazon Cognito, or Google Workspace. And you’re implementing SSO, MFA and passwordless strategies. IDaaS solutions ... Read More
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Why Access Management as a Service (AMaaS), Why Now

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Imagine a secure access management environment that authenticates and authorizes every employee, contractor, partner and customer each time they access data. Imagine a system that requires customers, partners, or employees to have only a single logon ID and password to verify who they are and their access rights across every ... Read More

On-Demand Webinar: Secure Legacy Applications with Azure Active Directory and Datawiza

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In this on-demand webinar, learn how to migrate applications to Azure AD with just a few clicks. The post On-Demand Webinar: Secure Legacy Applications with Azure Active Directory and Datawiza appeared first on Datawiza ... Read More
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Pushing the Limits of IDaaS with AMaaS

Concern over secure access to data has led to significant adoption of cloud identity management solutions, specifically identity-as-a-service (IDaaS), to ensure that people accessing applications are who they say they are–that is, to authenticate their identity. However, IDaaS solves only half the problem. Privacy regulations require that we ensure only ... Read More
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NIST Released Zero Trust Architecture Guideline

NIST Released Zero Trust Architecture Guideline

Zero trust could be employed to improve enterprises’ overall cybersecurity posture The post NIST Released Zero Trust Architecture Guideline appeared first on Datawiza ... Read More