reCAPTCHA Pricing Has Changed. What Are Your Alternatives?

reCAPTCHA Pricing Has Changed. What Are Your Alternatives?

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Google’s web security service, reCAPTCHA, has been a staple of the internet for many years. Nearly everyone who has ever gone to any website has had to click on images of crosswalks or lampposts or check an “I’m not a robot” box.  One reason for reCAPTCHA’s initial widespread use was ... Read More
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Top 5 Limitations of reCAPTCHA Enterprise

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Many businesses have long relied on reCAPTCHA to stop malicious bot traffic. However in recent years as bots have advanced, reCAPTCHA has not evolved in kind and it is easily bypassed by even basic, off-the-shelf automated programs. In an attempt to upgrade its solution, Google launched its latest version, reCAPTCHA v3 ... Read More
Four Secrets to Help You Stop Fraud Attacks Long-Term

Four Secrets to Help You Stop Fraud Attacks Long-Term

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Today, bad actors that attack digital businesses and user touchpoints rely on a complex ecosystem to help them successfully carry out their work.  While businesses are up against an organized and formidable enemy, they can still successfully stop cyberattacks by undermining the ROI behind them. If attackers can’t make money, ... Read More

3 Fundamental Truths About How Cybercriminals Make Money

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The world today, by and large, is run digitally. The accounts that we use to conduct business and pleasure online have become extremely valuable. That’s why attacks targeting digital accounts are more frequent and severe than ever before.  It is said that cybercrime is now more profitable than all of ... Read More

Here’s How to Fight Diverse Attacks Across Multiple Touchpoints

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The ever-increasing digitization of commerce has opened up new attack vectors, providing fraudsters with the opportunity to diversify their attacks across multiple touchpoints and devices. This also means attacks are increasingly getting intertwined as fraudsters look to maximize their ROI Fraudsters deploy a mix of tactics to target the account ... Read More

Stopping the Scourge of Microtransactions Fraud

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Microtransactions fraud, also known as in-app purchase fraud, refers to manipulation and abuse of online gaming accounts where fraudsters target in-game currency, digital purchases, as well as real currency stored in wallets. Given a prolific increase in the value of these in-game assets, this type of fraud is on the ... Read More

The Academy of Fraud & Abuse Arts and Sciences

The Academy of Fraud  & Abuse Arts and Sciences     From the Desk of the President   April 29, The Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Twenty One Re: The 2021 Fraud-Academy Awards Esteemed Members of the Academy; It is with great sadness that I have to share with you the ... Read More

ATO Severely Harm User Experience and Brand Reputation

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 Account takeover (ATO), attacks, where fraudsters gain unauthorized access to genuine user accounts and abuse them for many criminal activities, have evolved into a thriving ‘business’ for attackers and a nuisance for companies as they often lack full visibility into the volumes of account takeover attacks they face Account takeover ... Read More
Stop Account Takeover While Lowering Friction for Trusted Users

ATO vs. Identity Theft: What’s the Difference?

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ATO vs. Identity Theft: What’s the Difference? In the world of modern business, a resilient cybersecurity framework is a prerequisite for success. With the advent of technological progress, a host of novel security threats, notably account takeover (ATO) and identity theft, have emerged. While these two categories of cybercrime may ... Read More

International Women’s Day: Celebrate Women and Their Achievements Everyday

On the occasion of this week’s International Women’s Day, read on what our rockstars from the marketing department—Vanita Pandey, Chief Marketing Officer, and Lizzie Clitheroe, Head of Product Marketing—have to say on Women’s Day celebrations, gender parity, and women in marketing Q1. What does the International Women’s Day mean to ... Read More

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