White House National Cybersecurity Strategy: Landmark Action for a Critical Threat

White House National Cybersecurity Strategy: Landmark Action for a Critical Threat

The last decade has seen increased reliance on software across every part of our lives. In parallel, we’ve seen a massive increase in attacks on this digital infrastructure, causing harm to financial markets, hospitals, and ultimately human lives. While there has been an increasing understanding within the software industry of ... Read More
CISA risk CMMC Understanding the Power of SOAR for Government

Innovation at the Expense of Cybersecurity? No More!

Earlier this month, Jen Easterly and Eric Goldstein of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at the Department of Homeland Security signaled a major shift in the federal government’s approach to cybersecurity risk and responsibility.  In their Foreign Affairs article Stop Passing the Buck on Cybersecurity, Easterly and Goldstein ... Read More
Security Boulevard

A Clear Path Forward Toward More Secure and Maintainable Open Source Software

It’s rare to see a community truly come together for the common good, but that’s exactly what happened yesterday within our open source community.  We cherished the opportunity to participate in a conversation, led by the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), where industry, open source foundations, and government all came ... Read More

Why Sonatype is Acquiring MuseDev

Ask any software developer, and they will tell you the truth about two things: Conventional code analysis and application security tools are overly noisy and generally not well integrated into the developer workflow. Tools that don’t actually make life easier for developers are perceived as friction and commonly ignored. Rather ... Read More

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