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Protecting Connected Cars from Cyberattack

The smart features built into new cars open the door to serious cyber threats. Linked to the internet, connected cars offer cybercriminals the potential ability to remotely access and manipulate the data these systems rely on, which can lead to problems such as exposure of personal information, compromised vehicle security ... Read More
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White-Box Encryption: Ending Web App Vulnerability

Key management must give way to new options that enable and protect true encryption for organizations For as long as they’ve existed, web applications have been a favorite target for hackers. They are relatively easy to break and give hackers potential access to sensitive information as well as serving as ... Read More
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Can Applications Withstand the ZombieLoad Attack?

As if Meltdown, Spectre and Foreshadow were not enough, recently a new critical vulnerability called ZombieLoad has been discovered that affects a series of modern Intel processors. This vulnerability enables a potential attacker to read small pieces of information from various programs running on the same computer, taking advantage of ... Read More
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Client Applications A Hacker’s Easiest Target

Client Applications: A Hacker’s Easiest Target?

A perfect storm is brewing for any application running in a workstation—the client application—which is putting a target on its back and placing it in the “most vulnerable” category. The increasingly large amount of sensitive data aggregated by these client applications is staggering. The pressure is mounting for enterprises to ... Read More
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