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All Sectors Should Expect A Holiday Cyberattack Surprise

Retail is known to experience a spike in cybercrime around the holidays. With millions of shoppers conducting business online, the threat landscape usually increases with this jolt in traffic. However, this year, it's not only Retail that should be concerned — research by CORO finds that all mid-market businesses are ... Read More
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Remote Workforce Cybersecurity Concerns Hit New High

Results of the 2021 Unisys Security Index are in, and they pointed to a high level of concern about rising cybercrime. The survey revealed that 62% of global respondents are seriously concerned about identity fraud, up 5% from 2020. Also, 60% are concerned about bank card fraud, up 4% from ... Read More
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Secure Design Is Still Not The Norm

Though general security awareness is at an all-time high, secure design is still not the norm in most organizations. In fact, new research finds that the majority of organizations admit they do not meet all the necessary security reviews before code reaches production environments. A recent Invicti study on application ... Read More
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If Shift Left Is Dissolving, How Should Security React?

For years, the idea of “shift left” has been a guiding principle for application security testing. The philosophy aims to discover bugs early in the development process by automating code analysis within development and staging environments. However, shift left is only one aspect of security testing—maintaining stable platforms requires a ... Read More
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API Attack Traffic Grew 300+% In the Last Six Months

| | api, AppSec, DevSecOps
A report issued by Salt Labs reveals an unprecedented surge in application programming interface (API) attacks over the past six months. Monthly API call rates increased by 141%, while malicious traffic grew by a whopping 348%. Though the findings are based exclusively on Salt Security customer data, they underscore the ... Read More
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For Hackers, APIs are Low-Hanging Fruit

By 2022, API abuses will become the most frequent attack vector, predicts Gartner. We’re already witnessing new API exploits reach the headlines on a near-daily basis. Most infamous was the Equifax breach, an attack that exposed 147 million accounts in 2017. Since then, many more API breaches and major vulnerabilities ... Read More
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The CISO’s Dilemma: Balancing Security, Productivity With a Housebound Workforce

How are CISOs managing the tug-of-war between IT security and worker productivity in this new, remote-first era? Before the pandemic, remote work was already on a gradual rise. A FlexJobs survey revealed a 159% increase in remote work in the U.S. between 2005 and 2017—but even then, in 2017, only ... Read More
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