BGP Route Hijacking

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Yes, we can minimize the BGP Hijacking Risk Every day we see something new about the global security threat. It is hard to keep track of all the various ways your network can be attacked. But there are some threat-vectors ... Read More
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What makes a good "DNS Blacklist"? – Part 2

In "What makes a good 'DNS Blacklist'? - Part 1", we explored the background and factors that have gone into Akamai's thinking behind New security products like Enterprise Threat Protect (ETP). This article continues with a list of factors and ... Read More
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What makes a good "DNS Blacklist"? – Part 1

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Reflections on Modern Actionable Threat Intelligence used to turn a DNS Resolver into a Critical Security Tool Akamai has just launched the Enterprise Threat Protection (ETP) platform. ETP is built on Akamai's global AnswerX Cloud that now reaches 28 countries ... Read More