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Global Traffic Management for Cloud, Data Centers, and CDNs

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Despite our changing computing world, the function of Global Server Load Balancers (GSLB) continues to be the core capability to deliver business continuity. DNS also remains our core tool to locate resources on the Internet and "map" a request for a resource to the location that is closest, performing well ... Read More
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DNS Flag Day & Akamai

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Written by Jon Reed & Barry Greene DNS Flag Day is an industry event that promotes the adoption of the most up-to-date DNS features and ensures that non-standards-compliant servers don't negatively impact the global performance of the Internet. The ... Read More

BGP Route Hijacking

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Yes, we can minimize the BGP Hijacking Risk Every day we see something new about the global security threat. It is hard to keep track of all the various ways your network can be attacked. But there are some threat-vectors ... Read More