6 Chart-Topping Cybersecurity & Compliance Trends for 2022

As we wind down the year, 2021 delivered new challenges for companies of all sizes with cybersecurity. Just this month alone we have witnessed widespread incidents of ransomware and vulnerabilities with Log4J. These recent events reinforce the importance of building a cybersecurity program that focuses on education, vigilance, collaboration, documentation, ... Read More

IT vs. Sales – Turning Cybersecurity Into a Revenue Center

Through my many conversations with CIOs, CISOs, and IT professionals, the role cybersecurity plays in the sales process comes up almost every time. I can identify. While I was CEO of a SaaS company a few years ago, we negotiated a contract with a large Fortune 1000 company. They loved ... Read More
Cybersecurity is No Longer a SaaS Company’s ‘Big Secret’

Cybersecurity is No Longer a SaaS Company’s ‘Big Secret’

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“It’s out…cybersecurity is no longer the secret thing we used to do behind the curtain,” stated a Fortune 500 SaaS CIO I met with a few weeks ago. "Every big move we make is now out in the open.” I pressed him for more details. “You see, a couple of ... Read More

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