Best online .apk virus scanners

Best of 2022: Best online .apk virus scanners – Hackernet

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They are a lot of antivirus software and online scanners available to scan antivirus but only some of them work well. Here we listed the Best online .apk virus scanners that scan and compare with the original file version and also check with malware patterns that are available at antivirus ... Read More
How to protect computers from botnets? HackerNet

How to protect computers from botnets? HackerNet

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Let’s protect computers from botnets. Let’s learn what is a botnet and learn how to protect your system from botnet in this article. What is BotNet? A bot is like a robot. It simply follows the automated instructions. A botnet is a group of devices connected to the internet each ... Read More
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What is Software and Types of Software

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What is Software Software is a set of instructions that tell to computer how to work and what to do Types of Softwares The software has two main types System Software Application Software System Software Software that controls the computer hardware and enables the computer to run more efficiently. Operating ... Read More
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Categorizing Computer Hardware

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Categorizing Computer Hardware based on Processing, Memory, I/O, Storage, Bus Interconnection Computer Hardware Categories The computer is essentially comprised of the same basic hardware Hardware may be categorized into five types Processing Devices Memory Devices Input and Output Devices Storage Devices Bus interconnection Processing Devices The Process whereby you convert ... Read More
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Parts of the computer system | Basic Components of a Computer

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Basic Components of a Computer The Main Parts of the computer system are: Hardware Software Data User Hardware Physical components of the computer that can be touched. The computer comprises several interconnected devices. Hardware may be either internal or external Internal Hardware refers to the physical components inside a computer ... Read More
Classification of Computers

Classification of Computers used in Organizations

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Some computers are capable of catering to the needs of multiple users at the same time The Computers meant to be used by multiple people at a time are commonly employed by business and educational institutions such as colleges or universities and are usually present at the core of organization’s ... Read More
Personal Computers - Types of Computers

Personal Computers – Types of Computers

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Personal Computers Personal Computers refers to any computer that is meant to be used by a single person only. Personal Computers are also called Microcomputers as they are the smallest computers for personal use. The term PC is most commonly used to refer to a Desktop Computer. Types of Personal ... Read More
Classification of Computers

Classification of Computers – Computer Fundamentals

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Classification of Computers based on how the data is handled Classification of Computers: Based on how they handle the data, computers are mainly classified as follows: Digital Computers Analog Computers Hybrid Computers Analog versus digital Computers: Digital Computers Analog Computers Modern computers are called digital Computers Older computers are analog ... Read More
5 data breaches that could have been avoided in 2018

5 data breaches that could have been avoided in 2018

Language EnglishTags: 2018 has been a year of ups and downs for information security. We’ve seen the enforcement of the EU’s GDPR take full effect, bringing the importance of protecting sensitive data to the forefront of people’s minds, with practical steps being taken to ensure compliance. However, while 2018 should ... Read More
PCI Compliance for credit cards

PCI Compliance: How to Redact Credit Card Info from Inbound Emails

Language EnglishTags: <a href='/blog?tag=Adaptive Redaction'>Adaptive Redaction</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Compliance'>Compliance</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Email Security'>Email Security</a> <a href='/blog?tag=Information Governance'>Information Governance</a> When You Need Protection from Critical Information. Just when all the heavy lifting is done to enhance the protection of payment card data to comply with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) ... Read More