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How Virtualization Helps Secure Connected Cars

Connected cars create opportunities to deliver enhanced customer experiences. At the same time, they also have the potential to provide high cost and revenue benefits. This is true for connected car companies, OEMs, suppliers and insurers (and much, much more). However, car companies haven’t really explored the opportunities to monetize ... Read More
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DevSecOps: 4 Reasons You Need One

Those familiar with the world of software and application development are probably aware of the concept of DevOps. But what about DevSecOps? DevSecOps essentially adds another layer to the process by combining security and DevOps. Often, software developers leave security testing to the very end. However, following this approach leads ... Read More
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How Startups Build Effective Cybersecurity Programs

A data breach can spell disaster for a startup. Compliance violation fines can cripple a business, and damage to brand value can result in business irrelevance. So it’s vital to take a cybersecurity-first approach. According to the “Verizon Business 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report,” as much as 28% of data ... Read More
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The Critical Collaboration: Cybersecurity and DevOps

Cybersecurity is no longer about installing firewalls and antivirus software and forgetting about it. It’s an ongoing endeavor that demands continuous attention to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. In that sense, cybersecurity in the digital age complements the DevOps approach to developing, managing and maintaining continuous delivery and quality ... Read More
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AI Surveillance in a Post-Pandemic World

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made waves across industries including automotive, health care, entertainment, finance, manufacturing, and more, while still a nascent technology. Another area where it made a significant impact is law enforcement (with AI surveillance). AI is now playing a pivotal role in real-time surveillance. AI surveillance helps law ... Read More
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A Security Audit Is Critical to Mitigate Risk

A security audit is now a critical component of modern business. As organizations embrace cloud computing, data analytics and workplace mobility, they have to navigate through an increasingly complex world of data privacy mandates and legislature and sophisticated attack vectors. In the current threat landscape, enterprises face a monumental task ... Read More
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homomorphic encryption

Top 3 Myths About Homomorphic Encryption

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding homomorphic encryption because it comes with a lot of promise. It stands out from other encryption methods as it guarantees the encryption of data while it’s being used for computation. In this scenario, organizations can engage in data and analytics, enable secure voting ... Read More
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