Why Security Teams Need to Virtual Patch

We live in a world where new application security vulnerabilities are discovered daily. Additionally, the advent of botnets and crypto currency mining has increased the attractiveness of targets. There are two major techniques utilized by attackers to find vulnerable applications en masse: Run scanners against large portions of the Internet ... Read More

Attacks Against IoT Devices Through APIs & How to Prevent Them

You would never leave the keys to your building lying around, so why do so many organizations leave the keys to their business exposed? ... Read More

Key Points for Building and Connecting Security-Friendly APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are growing at an unprecedented rate. According to ProgrammableWeb, there were more than 20,600 APIs as of January 2019. That's nearly a 230% increase in the last decade. And while APIs are better suited for today's high-powered business model, they present a myriad of security challenges ... Read More

3 Hurdles Security Will Need to Clear to Succeed in a DevOps World

Historically, there has been no love lost between software developers and security teams. Dev teams are frustrated by the restrictive nature of the security standards placed on them as they often hinder rapid application development. On the flip side, security teams see developers as one of the top threats to ... Read More

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