Red Team 201: Your First Test

Over the last few weeks, Safe-T has provided a basic introduction to the tools and operating systems that you’ll use as a member or leader of a red team. Now, let’s contextualize them – how would you use these tools in the context of an actual security exercise? ... Read More

Creating A Secure Data Workflow With SDE

What does it look like when you secure a file with Safe-T? We talk a lot about creating granular access controls and integrating with your existing security structure, but it may just be easier to put the whole journey in context. Starting with an email and an attachment, here's how ... Read More

Red Team 103: Understanding Sqlmap

Welcome back to our series on red teams! Here, we’re explaining the tools and concepts behind the in-house organizations designed to test a company’s defenses. We started by introducing Kali Linux, a foundational operating system for penetration testing ... Read More

Want to Make $100 Million from Hacking? Steal Press Releases

Stealing credit card number? Old hat. Ransoming information? Been there, done that. Apparently, if you want to make real money from hacking (not that we’re suggesting this), press releases are the latest and most lucrative piece of valuable information ... Read More

Why DNSSEC Isn’t Enough

When you type a URL into the top of your browser and hit “enter,” a number of complicated things begin to happen. Somehow, the alphanumeric English language of a URL gets translated into the machine language of an IP address, allowing your browser to resolve a new webpage ... Read More

Anonymous Application Access: Get This Valuable Service Safely On Board

In an age where the cloud has made browser interactions the norm, companies are discovering the value of anonymous application access and client-less access ... Read More

Are You Securing Cloud Storage Wrong?

No cloud implementation – in any business unit at any company – is perfect. That’s a given. IT administrators, directors, and CIOs have always been forced to make compromises between convenience, cost, and security ... Read More

More Vendors Mean More Cyberattacks – Protect Your Supply Chain!

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The rise of "as a Service" companies mean that the corporate supply chain is more complicated than ever. Your company probably doesn't do its own hiring, accounting, or software development in-house ... Read More