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This article was originally published in EdTech Magazine on 2.22.24 by Charlie Sander, CEO at ManagedMethods.

Schools can use interactive lessons and real-world examples to convey complex cybersecurity topics to students as early as elementary school.

At a time when technology has become so integral to education, equipping students with the tools to navigate the digital landscape safely is paramount. The Cybersecurity Almanac recently issued a stark warning: With nearly 5.3 billion mobile devices globally and security threats escalating, mobile devices now constitute more than 60 percent of digital fraud.

Additionally, a report from Emsisoft highlighted a staggering 1,981 schools in 45 districts that faced ransomware attacks in 2022. Despite the work that schools are doing to secure their networks, students must recognize the need for additional measures to protect their personal devices. With children exposed to technology from a young age, it’s imperative to integrate cybersecurity as early as elementary school curricula. Beyond safeguarding against cyberthreats, cybersecurity education empowers students to make informed decisions and fosters interest in science, technology, engineering and math fields.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Education for Children

To ensure comprehensive cybersecurity education, educators should cover fundamental topics including privacy, cyberbullying, phishing scams, the significance of strong passwords, identity theft and the role of artificial intelligence. Simplifying these concepts through age-appropriate interactive lessons facilitates understanding and gives students the knowledge to navigate the online world safely.

Initiatives such as’s Project REACH and K–12 Cybersecurity Learning Standards contribute to equitable access and support for educators, enhancing the effectiveness of cybersecurity programs…


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