Snowflake and Securiti Partnership Enables Data Innovation at Scale

Working together, Securiti and Snowflake help customers get the full value of the Snowflake Data Cloud, while avoiding siloed data governance across large multi-region, multi-account Snowflake implementations. By integrating Securiti’s DataControls CloudTM with Snowflake, organizations extend the benefits of Snowflake’s data management across their data ecosystem to gain sensitive data intelligence and unify data controls.

Securiti has achieved Select tier partner status from Snowflake and is helping customers fully realize the value of the Snowflake Data Cloud by streamlining data governance across large Snowflake implementations at scale. The advantages of using Securiti and Snowflake together are:

  • Comprehensive Data Protection: The integration ensures that sensitive data is consistently protected across all data platforms and types, minimizing the risk of data breaches and regulatory non-compliance.
  • Improved Decision-Making: By streamlining data governance and protection processes, organizations can quickly gain valuable insights from their data, driving better decision-making in the enterprise
  • Cost and Time Savings: Securiti’s platform reduces the need for manual intervention in data governance and protection, saving time and resources.

Snowflake and Securiti Partnership Enables Data Innovation at Scale

“Modern organizations have tremendous opportunities to innovate with data, but today, more than ever, they need to do so without compromising security and privacy,” said Vikas Jain, Senior Technology Alliances Manager at Snowflake. “For very large Snowflake implementations, the complexity is even greater. Securiti and Snowflake together expand value for customers by enabling them to set data policies across multiple Snowflake accounts and manage these policies from a single command center so they can innovate with confidence.”

Snowflake and Securiti Protect and Govern Data

Securiti works together with native Snowflake data governance and security capabilities to manage and protect data in large enterprises in two key ways:

  1. Find and protect data. Securiti finds all sensitive data to manage and mask in Snowflake, reducing security and privacy risk.
  2. Expand controls and avoid silos for scaled Snowflake.  Securiti creates a deployable and delegated view to manage access controls and protect data across large-scale Snowflake deployments.

Find and Protect Data

Snowflake includes many advanced security measures, including granular access controls, end-to-end encryption, and dynamic masking to fortify data protection and privacy. Snowflake’s data governance solution can effectively address the diverse needs of modern businesses and drive both informed decision-making and strategic growth.

However, identifying and managing sensitive data can be difficult, either because it has been migrated without proper controls or because the data owners are not correctly managing the sensitive data stored in Snowflake due to manual techniques.

Snowflake and Securiti Partnership Enables Data Innovation at Scale

Securiti accurately finds all sensitive data, then orchestrates Snowflake’s dynamic data masking policies directly from Securiti’s unified data command center into Snowflake for local enforcement.  Securiti’s modular, API-driven architecture lets customers find and mask sensitive data based on attributes, ensuring data teams can access the data they need without compromising security and privacy controls.

Expand Controls and Avoid Silos for Scaled Snowflake

Technical challenges and considerations for maximizing the value of large-scale Snowflake deployments include scalability, storage, governance, and integration. Securiti’s DataControls CloudTM address these unique concerns for customers who have scaled their Snowflake footprint across multiple lines of business.

In addition to building the right pipelines to make the right data accessible to the right end users, large Snowflake implementations also need to address the following:

  • Data Security and Compliance
    Most organizations have multiple lines of business and a hybrid data landscape with data dispersed across multiple regions. When each organization interprets and codes policy individually (siloes), data management drift occurs, negatively impacting data accuracy and trust.govern-access-to-sensitive-dataUsing Securiti’s DataControls CloudTM Services, Snowflake customers can:

    • Manage user access controls, roles, and permissions to prevent unauthorized access
    • Implement secure data access policies by orchestrating sensitive data masking at scale
    • Improve data security posture by hardening configuration settings
    • Comply with global data regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA) and govern cross-border data transfers when deploying across multiple regions
  • Data Integration and ETL
    • Customers want to combine streaming and batch data to create better real-time customer experiences and innovate new products.  Securiti can remove bottlenecks for Snowflake customers by finding sensitive data as it is staged and ingested from various sources and formats.
    • Securiti’s lineage and labeling services can help address tracing data transformation, cleansing, and enrichment requirements across multiple Snowflake datasets.
    • Snowflake customers can leverage Securiti’s efficient data pipeline orchestration and monitoring to remediate, notify and address any sensitive data or unwanted new sensitive data being imported from third parties.
  • Multi-Region Deployment and Data Sovereignty
    Customers can improve user experience across regions by using Securiti’s DataControls CloudTM as the unified data command center for protecting sensitive information when replicating and synchronizing data across regions through multiple Snowflake accounts.
  • Data Retention: Continuously Updated and Audited
    Efficient storage and retrieval combined with improved query performance are key concerns for Snowflake data storage and management.  Another area in data storage and management is the data retention policy.  Securiti can identify sensitive data and apply the correct data retention policies through labels.


By leveraging the technical features of both platforms, organizations can enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge data management while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. For large-scale implementations, Securiti orchestrates and extends the benefits of Snowflake’s data management and controls across multi-region, multi-account deployments. To discuss how to improve decision-making and drive data innovation in Snowflake, request a meeting with Securiti’s Snowflake experts now.

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