Meet the Keyfactor Team: Five Questions with Gail Joyce, Chief People Officer

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that creating a healthy work-life balance is now more important than ever. The key to this balance is primarily influenced by corporate culture; whether working from home or returning back to the office, employees want to work for a purpose-driven company and one that values its people above all else. 

With this realization, business leaders across the globe have placed a laser-like focus on refining corporate culture. Carried out by companies across all industries, the shift towards a “people-first” mentality has been most apparent in the tech sector, cybersecurity in particular. Considered a hot and booming market, cyber provides a front-row seat into some of the world’s most transformative technologies. 

These technologies are made possible by finding and nurturing the right people. This is why the work of a chief people officer has become increasingly crucial in today’s competitive job market. 

We recently sat down with Gail Joyce, Keyfactor’s Chief People Officer, to explore our new work normal, finding the right talent, and why culture is key. Gail is a global executive with more than two decades of experience in human resources. She joined Keyfactor just over a year ago to oversee the company’s global strategy in hiring, onboarding, employee experience, and talent optimization. 

What drew you to Keyfactor?

Cybersecurity is a hot market and one that I’ve been watching from afar for quite some time. Beyond the excitement of technology and innovation, what pulled me in was the value this organization places on its employees. Our people have been instrumental in Keyfactor’s success, and we are committed to ensuring they feel appreciated and, most importantly, recognized for their hard work. 

When I first joined Keyfactor, a strong culture was already established. My job was to continue building on the great foundation that was in place. Since joining, I’m proud of the work my team has done to introduce new employee groups, gatherings, and resources. The Keyfactor Alliance Groups for the LBGTQ and Veteran community, Global Volunteer Day, and weekly newsletters designed to update our employees on the business are just some of the many new opportunities we’ve introduced to increase transparency and garner cohesiveness as a company. 

Tell us about your role and team at Keyfactor

Our People team is responsible for aspects of the business that drive talent acquisition and development, employee engagement, culture, and compliance. Our role expands beyond just hiring; my team works to ensure that we are bringing the right people into the right role to deliver the right results. We hire individuals just as passionate about professional development as we are. Keyfactor is a company where talent is nurtured and allowed to thrive. Recently, our team introduced a Talent Development framework focusing on professional development. We want our employees to consistently be given opportunities to learn and grow. This new framework focuses on respective roles but was also designed to enable further business and financial acumen so employees genuinely understand what helps the organization meet its business goals.

How critical is employee engagement? What has Keyfactor done to encourage it?

The more engaged our employees are, the better. A newly formed People Experience team, spearheaded by our VP of Global People Experience, works to create a positive and engaging work environment. This team promotes communication, internal recognition, and, most importantly, work-life balance. Since this team’s inception, we’ve seen increased employee morale, reduced turnover, and a more productive workforce. 

Tell us about Keyfactor’s culture

At the end of the day, preserving culture is our number one priority. We saw how significantly the pandemic changed how people viewed work and going into the office. We want to make sure that Keyfactor remains true to its core values, and so bringing these core values to life in support of preserving who we are has been at the forefront of all that we do. I’m proud of the work my team has accomplished in shaping culture by establishing policies and procedures that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

Which business leader are you currently most inspired by?

There are many inspirational leaders, but lately, I’ve been following Yamini Rangan, CEO of HubSpot. Her professional track record and growth to the top, all while breaking societal barriers and truly emulating a growth mindset, are motivational factors that I aspire to achieve in my day-to-day. Her advocacy for diversity and inclusion in the workplace while actively promoting and supporting the development of diverse talent defines world-class leadership in my book. 

I find myself drawn to how she’s achieved a truly customer-centric culture. I view Keyfactor employees as my “customers” and try to incorporate some of Yamini’s style into my leadership. For example, I’m a firm believer in strategy-based operational effectiveness that keeps people moving forward and embracing feedback from employees, and turning that feedback into opportunities for growth.

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