Empowering Security Operations in Japan: Swimlane’s New Tokyo Office

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Empowering Security Operations in Japan: Swimlane’s New Tokyo Office

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At Swimlane, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our business into Japan with the opening of our latest office in Tokyo. As a leading low-code security automation company, this move signifies our commitment to empowering Japan-based customers and partners.

Recap of the Swimlane Office Launch Event

The energy was palpable at Swimlane’s recent Japan office launch event, as industry leaders and security experts gathered to celebrate. The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers, including:

  • Swimlane’s dynamic CEO, James Brear, highlighted the company’s vision for the future and the significant impact of Swimlane low-code security automation.
  • Co-Founder and CSO, Cody Cornell, took the stage to share insights into the evolving cybersecurity landscape and how Swimlane is revolutionizing security operations. 
  • The event also showcased the expertise of Kosuke Ito, Swimlane’s dedicated Country Manager, who emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering organizations in Japan.

The audience was diverse and vibrant, comprising valued customers, prospects, partners and members of the press. All were eager to learn more about Swimlane’s expansion into Japan and explore the possibilities of modern security automation.

Swimlane CEO, James Brear, addresses security experts from leading Japan organizations.

Continued Growth in APJ Driven by High Demand

We are proud to share that Swimlane has experienced exceptional growth in Asia, with over 300% customer expansion, representing 23% of our global customer base. To support this growth, we’ve been busy ramping up our team in the region. We’ve strategically expanded our headcount to over 80 talented individuals across various departments, including sales, customer success, professional services, and engineering.

Our goal? To meet the increasing demand for efficient and effective security automation solutions in Japan head-on.

Swimlane Turbine: Modern Security Automation

Our groundbreaking low-code security automation solution, Swimlane Turbine, aims to address the challenges faced by security teams in Japan and the APJ region. By unifying security operations, Turbine empowers teams to stay ahead of alerts, emerging threats, and complex security processes. It is the only full-stack cloud-native security automation platform. What does that mean for you? A faster deployment process and less infrastructure to manage compared to those clunky legacy security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions.

Swimlane Japan Country Manager, Kosuke Ito, presents to the group of security professionals.

Low-Code Security Automation for Japan’s Growing Security Operations Challenges

As the Asia-Pacific region grapples with a widening global cybersecurity workforce shortage, Japan has seen a significant 37.9% increase in the gap between the current workforce and the number of cybersecurity professionals required. That’s a serious disparity that puts organizations at major risk of cyberattacks. Security operations teams in the region are overwhelmed by manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks need to track, mitigate, and respond to security events.

Security experts during the Q&A section of the Swimlane Japan event.

In the face of a growing talent shortage, security teams in Japan and the APJ region require streamlined solutions that minimize manual efforts in the security incident response process. Our unique approach to security automation caters to the demanding and expanding security operations requirements of the region. By implementing low-code security automation, we are dedicated to helping organizations in Japan effectively tackle persistent cybersecurity threats.

Pictured left to right: Cody Cornell, Swimlane co-founder. James Brear, Swimlane CEO. Kosuke Ito, Swimlane Japan Country Manager.

Looking Ahead

Exciting things are happening here at Swimlane. We’ve seen 123% year-over-year growth in new ARR this past year, and there’s no sign of slowing down. Our customers who have embraced Swimlane Turbine have experienced an exceptional 240% return on investment (ROI) within the first year of platform usage, making it the most lucrative security automation solution available in the market today.

Our expansion into Japan and the opening of our Tokyo office demonstrate our unwavering commitment to empowering security teams in the region. And that’s only the beginning of what’s to come for the future of security automation.

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