Don’t be a Victim of Online Scams: 6 Anti-Phishing Software Choices to Protect Your Business in 2023

Don't be a Victim of Online Scams: 6 Anti-Phishing Software Choices to Protect Your Business in 2023

Phishing and online scam sites have become exceedingly sophisticated in their tactics, with around 4.2 million fraudulent websites causing over $323 billion in losses to brands worldwide. According to Verizon, phishing accounts for 36% of all data breaches. A report by IBM showed that phishing breaches take nearly 300 days to identify and contain, costing companies a whopping $4.91 million on average.

These numbers don't account for the irreparable losses to brand value and customer trust that phishing sites and malicious emails can cause. The Phishing and Fraud Report by F5 Labs found that 55% of phishing websites targeted brand names to capture sensitive information, which can cause customer, partner, and employee distrust in a brand even after the threat has been identified and taken care of.

The only way for companies to keep their data secure from hackers is to invest in intelligent anti-phishing software. While there are many solutions on the market, only some offer advanced features to deal with the volume, scope, and sophistication of today's phishing attacks and other scams.

Below, we've compiled a list of the top six anti-phishing software for 2023. But first, let’s dive into how this technology works.

What is Anti-Phishing Software, and How Does it Work?

Anti-phishing software is a cybersecurity platform that specifically analyses, detects, and facilitates remedial action against phishing attacks. Many modern phishing solutions use AI-powered automation to:

  • Streamline the process
  • Meet the needs of growing attack surfaces
  • Reduce the need for manual intervention
  • Deliver faster and better protection against phishing

What Are the Top Anti-Phishing Software Options on the Market?

1) Bolster

Bolster offers a zero-touch scam and phishing protection solution to monitor for threats across the digital ecosystem, including typosquat domains, email and social media phishing threats, and app store phishing scams. The comprehensive AI scanning and detection software automatically scours the web for fraudulent sites and initiates takedowns within minutes. Powered by deep learning, Bolster can render scam verdicts for 14+ different types of phishing sites in milliseconds with an industry-leading false positive rate of 1/100,000. With automated takedowns that require no manual intervention and take only two minutes, it offers a powerful solution to keep your company and customers safe.

It also continuously monitors all blocklisted sites to ensure they don't become active again in the future, without requiring manual oversight. The platform also collates all the data into a visually-rich, user-friendly reporting capability (a product feature named Bolster Insights) for granular visibility into all the key metrics, including phishing trends, historical data, and threat takedown times.

Bolster is one of the only anti-phishing players in the market that offers automated takedowns at affordable rates. You can try a free demo here to see it in action.

2) BrandShield

Many attackers have begun using social media as an attack vector to conduct targeted phishing attacks against company employees and customers. BrandShield is an anti-phishing software that generates a detailed threat map across the internet and popular social media sites.

BrandShield technology is built to identify brand impersonation, executive impersonation, online fraud, and phishing sites.

While it does offer takedown services with the help of its sizable legal team, it cannot automate takedowns, which may slowdown the remediation process based on threat activity targeting your network (keep in mind, phishing attacks occur every 11 seconds).

3) Agio

Agio is a next-gen phishing email protection software that leverages ML, behavior profiling, and heuristics forgery detection to secure all email communications. The AI engine learns all employees' behavior and communication patterns to ensure that legitimate threats are flagged.

The intelligent anti-spam and malware protection automatically reads all emails, much like a human, to detect attempts at forgery.

Agio doesn’t offer automated site takedown services to eliminate the root cause of threats.

4) PhishLabs

PhishLabs is an advanced anti-phishing solution that aids security teams in detecting, analyzing, and mitigating social engineering email threats. It empowers companies with crowd-sourced threat intelligence gathered from employees, clients, and global enterprises.

PhishLabs offers security awareness training for employees to teach them how to recognize and report suspicious emails. What differentiates this anti-phishing solution is that it uses a combination of automation and human analysis to sift through the reported emails. This can reduce the workload and pressure security teams face.

PhishLabs proactively mitigates email attacks by suspending lookalike domains and blocking emails from registered lookalike domains. While the solution is innovative, it comes at a steep price that might put it out of reach for smaller businesses.

5) Barracuda

This solution directly integrates into the Office 365 environment to gather intelligence from internal, external, and historical email communication. It identifies underlying currents and patterns to build identity graphs and discern between malicious and safe emails.

Barracuda acts in real-time to detect threats and remove suspicious emails from inboxes before employees can interact with them, making it a powerful tool that provides security without weighing down the network or slowing communication.

Barracuda focuses solely on email phishing threats, and doesn’t offer some of the extras found with other solutions on the market like employee training and support, or trend reports.

6) Phished

Phished uses AI to create personalized cybersecurity awareness training programs calibrated to the specific needs of each employee. They also conduct real-time phishing simulations to prepare and test employees' responses to phishing attacks. This solution enables companies to overcome the biggest security weakness—human error—through interactive phishing training and threat intelligence.

While this anti-phishing software does reduce the risk of a crippling phishing attack significantly, it doesn't offer any protection against the rapidly evolving nature of phishing scams designed to fool humans.

How to Pick the Best Anti-Phishing Software?

With so many anti-phishing software options, it can be hard to zero in on the right solution. When picking a solution, you need to look for an AI-powered platform that monitors every corner of the internet for threats on an ongoing, automated timeframe.

It’s also best practice to find a solution that offers automatic takedowns, interactive reporting, and a negligible false positive rate at an affordable price. Bolster’s data and network scanning technology fits the bill perfectly, with fraud verdicts delivered in 100ms, and takedowns initiated in less than two minutes with zero manual intervention.

Request a demo today to see how Bolster can help you strengthen your defense against various phishing attacks in real time.

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