Course Launch: Authentication Design & Management

I’m proud to announce today, the latest addition to The Cyber Hut online and in-person identity and access management training courses: Authentication Design & Management.

I have delivered several workshops and received numerous inquiries over the past year or so on the same one topic: authentication. Whilst authentication is “just the login box” it clearly covers a range of complicated components, integration options, technologies, standards and design considerations.

To that end Authentication Design & Management aims to empower both consultants and in-house practitioners with an in-depth broad set of skills, allowing participants to assess and design existing authentication solutions as well as effectively engage with vendors and suppliers who provide solutions for things like FIDO2 or biometrics.

The course will be available in both online self-paced and live masterclass formats. The online version features 7 hours of recorded video content and associated presentation material.

The curriculum starts of covering the basics of authentication – from understanding concepts such as something you are, have and know, through to the principles of authentication protocols – such as message flows, actions and the concept of replay protection and freshness.

A detailed look at ideas such as static, dynamic and possession based factors provides a foundation for a deeper look at biometrics – understanding characteristics, storage and implementation.

Module 4, see’s 10 sections devoted to understanding authentication standards – from established concepts such as Kerberos, RADIUS, SAML and OIDC, through to more recent additions of PSD2/SCA, FIDO2, NIST-800-63B and community projects such as OWASP and the Mitre ATT&CK framework – that provide a great resource for authentication threat assessment and counter measures.

The course concludes by providing some pragmatic guidance focused on project design, how to measure authentication components and a look at some emerging market trends such as continual, contextual and adaptive authentication.

The introduction preview of the self-paced online course is available here.

The online cost is £199 per student.

A live 1 day masterclass, that will include demonstrations from leading vendors is planned for March 2023. Contact us for more information on that.

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