Spotlight: 100 Deals & Counting With Nicolas Tenacci

DataDome hasn’t always been a 160+ person global operation. Not too long ago, fewer than 20 collaborative minds were working toward our common goal of freeing the web from fraudulent traffic. Nicolas (“Nico”) Tenacci, US Lead Account Manager, was one of those 20.

He now works most closely with a team of seven—a mix of account managers and business development representatives. Nico has experienced DataDome’s significant growth in the past several years, and his story is one of determination, collaboration, and success.

We now celebrate Nico for closing his 100th deal with DataDome! 

Spotlight: 100 Deals & Counting With Nicolas Tenacci

When I started in France 4 years ago, I could not have imagined that I would be spearheading the company’s business development in the US a few months later.

– Nico Tenacci, US Lead Account Manager at DataDome

Expanding DataDome’s Reach

Nico tackled the challenge of building DataDome’s presence in a new territory (where several competitors were already well-established).

How did he do it? With immense support from those around him.

The opportunity to lead introduced Nico to a wide range of experiences, from interpersonal skills training sessions to month-long interactions with successful CEOs from various industries. His experiences allowed him to grow from a salesperson perfecting his pitch to a dynamic client-facing extension of DataDome’s business. 

“Opening a new territory is always a challenge. It can be tough at first, a proper test of resilience and tenacity, but it’s very exciting,” Nico says. “I have been very lucky to have a great product to present, and most importantly, amazing teams to work with and help me place DataDome on the US map.”

Determination Drives Results

As any savvy businessperson or innovator will tell you, determination is key—whether you need to make your 100th phone call, set your 100th meeting, attend your 100th event, or close your 100th deal. 

“Hard work pays off, and if you mix it with passion, actually caring about your prospects and how you are in a position to help them, constantly learning and improving—then anyone can unlock their 100th deal,” Nico explains. 

The trick to developing a new territory is securing those first few big name clients—for Nico, that meant signing organizations like Reddit, The New York Times, and Patreon. Nico leverages our free trial as an essential way to prove the value of DataDome, emphasizing the fact that our solution can be set up in less than 30 minutes with no infrastructure change required. 

“Our prospects have access to a very user-friendly, yet very comprehensive, dashboard providing real-time visibility on all of their traffic,” he describes. “They see what types of bot attacks they are experiencing, and how these attacks bypass current security measures they might have implemented.”

Nico believes the free trial helps enterprises confirm that DataDome is the right fit to stop any type of attack before it impacts their business or customers. The free trial enables prospects to see the strength of our product for themselves before officially adopting our solution and services. 

“Ultimately, my role is as simple as helping our prospects and partners see we have the best product in the industry,” says Nico.

Opportunities to Make a Broad Impact

Nico is responsible for generating new business opportunities with DataDome by finding and closing valuable enterprise deals. But his value extends beyond securing new customer relationships to his considerable influence behind the scenes at DataDome. Nico partners with our strategy team on pricing models, content team on new technical articles, marketing team on events and webinars, and management team on interviewing potential new hires. 

“There are constant opportunities here to evolve internally and build your career path,” Nico shares. “At DataDome, we are lucky to be surrounded by amazing HR and talent teams that allow us to have visibility on potential promotions, and enable each one of us to build our very own path.” 

Nico’s story is one of adaptability, hard work, and the power of #TeamSpirit. Congratulations to Nico and his team on a massive achievement:

100 deals and counting!

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