Hot Take: IGA Doesn’t Completely Manage Identity Lifecycle

Non-Employee Risk Management

Execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for your entire population of non-employees (contractors, contingent workers, partners, service accounts, etc.)

We eliminated two internal systems and activated an external portal where 30,000+ non-employees self-registered in the first six months after implementation. We were even able to smoothly and quickly onboard 3,000+ contingent workers when we acquired a new region. It’s been a huge win for us from every angle; time, effort, financial, privacy, and security.

Chrissy Booth, Identity & Access Management Manager, AdventHealth

Non-employee identity security and lifecycle management

Read more about the business significance of third parties and the challenges that organizations face while working to secure non-employee identities.

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SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management datasheet

Extend advanced identity security controls so you have the same visibility with non-employees as you do with your employees.

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The identity gap in third party risk management

A leading challenge for organizations that utilize non-employee is managing the secure access of these third-party identities.

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