What is a server? Explain Different Server Roles

The server is a computer that provides services to client machines that request the server.

Eg: Mobiles, Workstations, and ATM Machines are the clients which request servers for various transactions like phone call service, SMS service, money transfer service, etc and servers provide these services to the clients.

What kind of services can the server provide?

A server-based network is the best network to share resources and data while providing centralized network security for those resources and data.

Some of the common server roles include

  • File server: This helps to share files within a network with the users
  • Print server: The print server is connected to the printer and allows the users to use the printer from anywhere when he connected to the network.
  • Web server: The web server provides website management services. It uses HTTP and HTTPS protocols to communicate between the client and the server. When a user enters a URL in the browser, The browser sent a request to the web server and retrieves the response, and displays information to the user.
  • Application servers
  • Email server: The Application server manages all applications used in the organization or company. Which is also called middleware. It works between the end user and the database
  • Database server: The database server provides services related to the SQL server. Which helps to store and process information like the user’s data, login information, etc.

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