Why Should you Visit Black Hat this Year?

Ever since it was introduced in 1997 by Jeff Moss, Black Hat has emerged to become one of the most promising information security events across the world. Apart from informative discussions and briefings, the Black Hat event also comes up as a promising opportunity for the networking and security vendors to unveil their ground-breaking products and services in front of an audience, which consists of thousands of security professionals, C-Suite executives, and small-business owners.

Due to the pandemic, black hat all across the world faced a challenging problem: how to continue operating despite the widespread closure of offices and other facilities? Their continued reliance on IT, including their data centers, cloud services, departmental servers, and the electronic devices their now-remote employees need to connect to one another and to the company’s data, becomes even more essential.

Black Hat Event before and after the pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak forced many large conferences to either move online or cancel altogether. In 2020, the Black Hat hacker convention chose to go online-only for the first time in its decades-long history. Black Hat 2021 was one of the first important technology conferences conducted in-person after COVID-19 but with only 5,000 attendees and got a place for only prominent companies to exhibit. 

For more than 20 years, it has provided users with the most recent information on security trends, developments, and research. In order to bring together the best brains in the security industry, these eminent worldwide conferences and training are driven by the needs of the security community. Academics, leading researchers, and executives in the public and private sectors can all grow and collaborate thanks to Black Hat. 

Covid-19 has not only brought a deadly virus, but also promoted many cyberattacks. The surge in the attacks has been a result of the work from home environment where our unsecured networks give way to the exploitation of many vulnerabilities present in our networks. Everything has shifted to the cloud, along with the focus of cybercriminals. This has called for an urgent state of cybersecurity. 

Now in its 25th year, Black Hat 2022 is excited to present a unique hybrid event experience, offering the cybersecurity community a choice in how they wish to participate. This time the producer of the cybersecurity industry’s most established and in-depth security events, returns to Las Vegas celebrating Black Hat USA’s 25th anniversary with a hybrid event on August 6 – August 11. The event will take place at Mandalay Bay Convention Center with both a virtual experience and an in-person event, offering a robust lineup of over 80 Briefings hand selected by the Black Hat Review Board, composed of some of the industry’s most respected experts.

Black Hat USA 2022 would line up with the below marquee speakers

1. Chris Krebs

Chris Krebs is a Founding Partner of the Krebs Stamos Group. Chris was the first director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), leading the nation’s civilian cyber defense and business resilience and risk management efforts. He will be the keynote on Day 1.

2. Mor Rubin

Mor Rubin is a cloud and identity threat researcher at Microsoft, focusing on Active Directory and Azure AD. He is presenting at blackhat on the topic “AAD Joined Machines – The New Lateral Movement”. This talk will cover new research of an authentication mechanism designed to allow authentication between Azure AD joined machines.

3. James Kettle  

James ‘albinowax’ Kettle is the Director of Research at PortSwigger. He is presenting at the blackhat on the topic “Browser-Powered Desync Attacks: A New Frontier in HTTP Request Smuggling”. In this session, he will show you how to turn your victim’s web browser into a desync delivery platform, shifting the request smuggling frontier by exposing single-server websites and internal networks.

4. Scott Tenaglia

Mr. Scott Tenaglia is an Engineering Manager at Meta supporting the Privacy Red Team. Previously, Mr. Tenaglia was a Research Director and Principal Research Engineer at Two Six Labs, and a Lead Cyber Security Engineer at MITRE. He is presenting at the blackhat event on the topic “Better Privacy Through Offense: How To Build a Privacy Red Team”. In this talk, you’ll learn what a privacy red team is, how it’s different from a security red team, the challenges we faced, and examples of real operations we performed. 

Why should you visit the Strobes Security booth (IC22)?

With the recent increase in cyberattacks, it is critical that businesses are aware of the threat and can identify vulnerabilities in their systems. Cyber threats are becoming not only more common, but also more sophisticated. Pentesting can increase the value of vulnerability assessments by identifying the likelihood of a vulnerability being compromised as well as any associated risk if it is exploited. This allows vulnerability program managers to better prioritize and manage risk. Strobes Security can help you to modernize the way pentesting is done and do vulnerability management based on risk. Learn more how to boost security team productivity by over 30% and the smart way to have complete control over security  assessments and cyber risk posture using Strobes Security flagship products Strobes PTaaS and Strobes VM365.

1. Strobes PTaaS (Pen Test as a Service), a cutting-edge platform for Pentesting

Strobes PTaaS combines the human expertise of pentesting with the efficiency of a SaaS delivery platform that allows for real-time collaboration and faster remediation. Level up the delivery by transitioning from ad-hoc pentesting to continuous and on-demand pentesting offerings.

2. Strobes VM365, an end-to-end Risk-centered Vulnerability Management Platform

Strobes VM365 seamlessly and effectively aggregates vulnerabilities from different sources and follows a 3D prioritization mechanism to efficiently prioritize vulnerabilities using vulnerability & threat intel. It is the frontier that gives you the consolidated view of all the findings from various security sources, empowering teams to focus on resolving the right set of findings.

Some exciting companies participating in Black Hat

The cybersecurity community will have a choice in how they desire to engage thanks to Black Hat USA’s innovative hybrid event experience. Beginning with four days of training, Black Hat USA 2022 (August 6-11). The two-day main conference, which takes place in Las Vegas from August 10 to 11, will be a hybrid event that offers both a virtual (online) event and a live, in-person event. It will include Briefings, Arsenal, Business Hall, and other events. With the most recent in research, development, and trends, Black Hat USA is the premier information security conference in the world. Many Companies participated in this event which are as follows-

Snyk – Snyk is a developer security platform designed specifically for security teams to interact with their development teams. It seamlessly integrates with a developer’s workflow. An enterprise to integrate security into their continuous development process with best-in-class security intelligence.

PaloAlto – The pioneer in global cybersecurity continuously develops new technologies to enable secure digital transformation, even while change is happening faster.  The mission is to be the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life.


Black Hat offers the opportunity to network with the best and seasoned talent in the industry. Meet face-to-face with top global experts committed to defining and defending the future of security. Black Hat attracts over 20,000 of the world’s most renowned security experts, executives, and attendees, creating the industry’s most dynamic and concentrated information security community. Unveil your latest and greatest innovations, expertise, services, products, and  this full day of discussions is unique to Black Hat and provides unmatched opportunities for networking and learning.

Hone your skills with the latest tools and techniques throughout the industry with Black Hat’s intensely technical and relevant Briefings and Trainings. Explore challenges and successes others in the field are experiencing, while collaborating on uses for emerging platforms, development models and best practices.

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