Imperva Reaches New Heights as it Opens PoPs in Cape Town and Rio

Imperva is reaching new heights as we expand our global network of data centers with new points of presence (PoPs) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Cape Town, South Africa.

The two cities, often compared to each other for their many similarities including their breathtaking coastlines, white sandy beaches and mountains sweeping down to the sea, now have another thing in common, they are both locations of Imperva’s two newest data centers as we continue to grow our network and reinforce our commitment to our customers around the world.

Rio de Janeiro, also known as “Cidade Maravilhosa”, or the “Wonderful City” due to its miles and miles of beautiful beaches, has attracted many technology companies and global engineering firms over the years with several big tech organizations also setting up operations in the area. Adding the new PoP in Rio means Imperva can now offer customers in the region optimal connectivity to grow their digital economy further.

The Rio PoP joins existing data centers in the region such as Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Bogota, bringing our total number of PoPs in Latin America to five and offering increased resilience and service reliability to customers in the region.

Affectionately known as the “Mother city”, Cape Town is the second most populous city in South Africa and is fast-becoming one of Africa’s most digitally connected cities too. Digital infrastructure and access to the internet are critical factors in economic growth of South Africa’s western Cape region and improving connectivity and reliability supports that growth.

WonderNet recently reported that in the last ten years, web traffic in South Africa has blossomed; with a staggering growth rate of 442,000%. This is largely attributed to the increase in high definition video streaming and that South Africans are spending more time online than ever before. Adding the power of a new PoP in Cape Town to our existing data center in Johannesburg doubles the strength of our network for our customers in South Africa. This new power delivers greater in-country resiliency for our South African customers’ Imperva services, and will play a significant role in enabling their continued digital transformation. The new Cape Town PoP will enable Imperva to keep traffic local in the case of maintenance and outages and help ensure optimal performance and business continuity.

The opening of new PoPs in these key regional locations underpins Imperva’s commitment to invest in critical infrastructure and to improve resiliency and reliability for our growing network of customers and partners in these rapidly expanding areas.

View Imperva’s Global Network Map here.

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