Consumer Data Right further supported with new Australia SaaS region

In order to better support our clients in Australia and APAC, Cloudentity has launched a new Australia SaaS region. This server region joins our US and EU regions to help our global and Australian clients quickly adhere to Consumer Data Right (CDR) regulations. CDR includes scale requirements that allow for sharing data at lower latency as well as data residency rules, both of which are met by our new regional infrastructure.

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Below, you can see a diagram of the components (and participants) that exist within the CDR environment, along with some sample APIs that an application might use:

The data registry is responsible for holding information on every registered and accredited data recipient and data holder. Data holders provide their APIs, and data recipients can call those in order to get information about consumers. Data recipients register within the data holder’s authorization server using OAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration and also communicate with the data holder’s authorization server to request authorization and tokens. Authorization servers redirect consumers to data holder’s consent application to enable consumers to decide whether they want to share their data or not. After the authorization and authentication happens for data recipients, they can request data from data holders.

Expansion of global coverage and commitment

Our mission is to make identity, authorization and consent simple for developers and IT professionals everywhere – something we’re already doing worldwide in CIAM, OpenBanking and FDX. Australian and APAC organizations can use our new SaaS region to comply with Consumer Data Right requirements in banking, energy, telco and government, meeting scale demands and increasing data security with fine-grained transactional tokens.

When companies adopt a service region closer to where their customers operate, they experience increased scalability and reduced latency particularly for M2M, CIBA and OAuth transactions. As in our other regions, we’re committed to following all legislation governing data regulation, privacy and consumer law. Cloudentity subscribers can specify their preferred location and rapidly adhere to complex privacy regulations by simply choosing from a dropdown workspace when they create a free developer account. Developers can choose a CDR compliant workspace from one of the many pre-configured security profiles. Learn more about CDR in our in-depth overview and our how-to on building a CDR compliant application.

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