Building Resiliency in the Energy Industry

The Energy and Utility industries are among some of the most targeted sectors in regards to cyberattacks. The sheer amount of customers served across these two industries makes them an attractive target for threat actors. Any outage has the potential to negatively affect hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, so organizations may be more likely to comply with ransom demands in order to maintain service.

In addition, these industries are at high risk for disruptions caused by environmental factors like severe weather. In these cases, having a mature business continuity plan in place is a major contributing factor to an organization’s operational resilience — but what does that look like?

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In a recent Ask the Expert video with Michael DeLoach of Iceberg Networks and Mitch Blackburn of ServiceNow, they discussed some of the facets of mature programing for organizations in this industry. Michael says:

“[…] being able to classify those events based on severity and having plans in place, preferably plans that have been tested to recover from those events. This is where ServiceNow can help these organizations by having a place where they can manage these plans and ensure their effectiveness.”

What’s more, Mitch Blackburn goes on to add that moving from a reactive approach to more proactive, risk-based approach is a major key in the success of these operational resilience programs.

“Our ability to predict what might happen and predict how those things might happen, including what ecosystem partners we need to engage in that, is becoming more important.”

Where ServiceNow and Iceberg Come In

Using the power of ServiceNow, we help organizations in the energy sector be able to:

  • Minimize risk or avoid disruption of operations with a mature operational resilience program
  • Prioritize which vulnerabilities pose the greatest threat and prioritize and plan for remediation
  • Address the compliance hurdle that comes with new regulations to close these security gaps
  • Bridge the risk and security gap of digital OT devices

Additionally, as we briefly touched on in our Operational Resilience in the Energy Sector post:

“Having real-time reports, alerts, and dashboards are key to keeping ahead of threats as they arise. As cybersecurity concerns continue to rise, it’s important to be prepared to anticipate and respond to them faster and more effectively.”

Staying ahead of operational disruptions and responding as quickly as possible is the name of the game — and ServiceNow makes that easier. For any questions or to get in touch with one of our experts about the programs and implementations we offer, visit our Contact page.

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