Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit 2021: Two Days of Insights, Collaboration and Networking

The second annual Arkose Labs Bankrupting Fraud virtual summit is nearly upon us. I am personally delighted to kick off this major industry event that will feature numerous expert speakers, informative panels, and ample opportunities to network with your peers. 

Cybercrime is a growing industry globally, one which is projected to cost businesses around $10.5 trillion by 2025. If it were a country, cybercrime would be the third-largest economy in the world – only behind the USA and China. This thriving global ecosystem is abuzz with non-stop activity including sales of databases, software, toolkits, services, and knowledge sharing. 

Fighting cybercrime is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and we are up against an adversary that is well-resourced, well-networked, and highly motivated. That’s why we too in the fraud-fighting industry need to collaborate and share best practices. To help businesses stay current on the evolving digital landscape and prepare them to collaborate fearlessly, we are excited to host the second edition of our Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit over the next two days. 

Esteemed speakers, Informative sessions

It’s going to be a packed two days of action with a mix of expert panels, masterclasses, and live networking sessions. You will not want to miss out on hearing esteemed keynote speakers including Neil Walsh, Chief of Cybercrime, Anti-Money Laundering at the United Nations; Brian Krebs, Investigative Reporter at Krebs on Security; and Troy Hunt, Founder, Have I Been Pwned? and information security author.

In his keynote, Neil Walsh and I will discuss the worldwide interconnected cybercrime ecosystem, how it works and what businesses can do to fight back. We will delve deeper into the practical hurdles and complexities – such as cross-border regulations – faced when looking to crack down on cybercrime at a global level. We will also have Geoff White, award-winning investigative journalist, and author, share insights from his extensive reporting on the world of cybercrime including highlights from hit podcast, The Lazarus Heist. I’ll also be presenting a masterclass on how fraudsters make money from the business of cybercrime and why the best way to counter this threat is to bankrupt the economic gains associated with an attack.

In other industry roundtables, you will hear speakers share in-depth insights into the state of fraud security and attack types specific to their industries. They will discuss how they combatted a new paradigm of fraud during the pandemic and the landscape moving forward. You can benefit from hearing them talk about the approaches for improving businesses’ risk posture and helping user experience, by consolidating technologies and data insights across fraud prevention, consumer identity management, and website security.

There will also be several demos on how fraudsters execute account takeover, new account fraud, and bonus abuse.

Actionable insights and takeaways

Day 2 of our summit promises to be equally exciting. A personal highlight of mine will be sharing the stage with Brian Krebs for a fireside chat discussing the current state of cybercrime, evolving trends, and interesting tales from the field. The CISO panel will see discussions around the effect of fraud and account security on the overall security posture and the need to work cross-functionally to fit into wider enterprise security initiatives. Since attackers rely extensively on bots to achieve scale, it is only prudent to get insights into the wide range of bot attacks and how their impact extends beyond security, user experience being only one of the many casualties.

The panel discussion with Facebook and LinkedIn will elaborate on prioritizing user experience, which may not necessarily mean eliminating friction. You will learn how friction can be used judiciously, with in-session secondary screening, to strike a balance between security and user-centricity.

Troy Hunt, in his closing keynote, will explain why it is safe to assume that everyone’s personal information has been compromised. He will discuss in detail just how wide-reaching the problem is, and what we can do in response.

Interact, engage, and network

There is a lot more on the agenda. As a participant in the two-day summit, you will have opportunities to attend the masterclasses and demos as well as to engage in live and interactive discussions with peers from your industry – banking, fintech, retail, media, gaming, and technology. You will also be able to explore top security and fraud trends and learn about long-term account security and fraud deterrence.

We are excited to host the second edition of the Bankrupting Fraud Virtual Summit and look forward to hosting you. If you haven’t booked your free seat, you still have time today. Register now.

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