Data breaches are now part of doing business, with many companies having been affected. Data is very valuable to criminals because it is often used to commit fraudulent activities as well as to enhance the credibility of scams. Data that is stolen ranges from Social Security Numbers (SSNs) to other identification documents and payment details.

Scammers can do a great deal with just one or two pieces of personal information. A talented scammer in possession of a name, date of birth, and SSN can do a lot of damage. Data such as SSNs and other identification documents can easily be used for identity theft and fraud, and it is very likely that customers of any company that suffers a data breach will be affected by phishing attacks for years to come. Scammers trade and sell stolen personal details and information on various forums and the dark net, and these details are not even very expensive to obtain.

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Additionally, once someone falls for a scam, they become even more desirable to other scammers, as it shows that the person may be susceptible to scams. It also shows a tendency towards general compliance, which scammers count on.

Guidelines for customers after a date breach

After a breach, it is not uncommon for companies to issue guidelines for customers. This is a wise thing to do, as scammers using that stolen data will most definitely target customers. Some of this data will be used to persuade the potential victim that a fraudulent call or email is credible.

For example, a scammer might call, pretending to be a company representative, and tell the victim that they need to set up their payment details again, as that information was erased as a result of the breach. The data they hold on this customer, e. (Read more...)