The Identity Brief: A Conversation with an Ethical Hacker

Our first two guests on the Identity Brief Podcast came to identity through unconventional means. Ori Eisen saw digital identity and passwordless authentication as a way to fight the fraud he had witnessed while working at a large bank. Ari Jacoby realized that contextual identity and authentication data was a powerful tool to fight fraud at Deduce where he saw bots and fraudsters trying to gain an advantage. Our latest guest got into the identity game after learning how to exploit systems as an ethical hacker and found humanity in the technology along the way.

Mary Writz is our VP of Product Management. She brings an authentic, heartfelt way of thinking about digital identity that is so unique I believe it should be essential learning for everyone. Mary talks about digital identity in a way that transcends the technology and helps you understand why it is fundamentally a technology for good. She does it in a way that is accessible, relatable, and full of humor. Any conversation with Mary is a blast and I’m excited for you to hear her story.

We’ll continue to feature guests we find super interesting and come from all sorts of backgrounds and have different perspectives. Our first three guests have certainly delivered.

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