Cybersecurity: A necessity for all industry verticals

Today where the world is moving toward digitization, business are coming up on web to extend their visibility and make their services accessible all over the world to have good name and reputation in the market. Business without digital presence find hard to survive due to change in customers expectations and way of doing the business. Digital presence provides customers the flexibility, they expect in todays world.

Digitalization of business and its presence on web provides its customers and workers flexibility and lowers the cost of doing the business 24×7 around the globe but same time it offers the opportunity for cyber threat actors to breach the business from anytime from anywhere and put business at risk of going out of business if not proper cybersecurity solutions are put in place.

Any of the organization irrespective of the industry vertical needs to secure their data whether it is BFSI, FMCG, E-commerce, Media, Manufacturing, High-tech, Power Utility, Government etc.. The recent breach at Solarwind, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Colonial Pipeline, Toll Group, Marriott International, Twitter, Software AG, Vastaamo Psychotherapy Centre, Dr Reddy , Magellan, Clark County School District, Garmin,Big Basket, Haldiram, Dominos, Air Asia and thousands others, which does not get reported in news everyday were from different sectors. Common factor among them are large number of customers with critical data so that cyberattacks can demand significant money. It is clear the cyber criminals mostly are focused on money unless they are activist or state sponsored.

Ransomware-as-a-service offering has made possible for attacker to expand their target beyond BFSI and healthcare sector because of low cost of attack driven by automation of multi-vector and multi-step Ransomware attacks with high rate of success because 99% of organizations lack the solutions to monitor whole environment in real-time and lack the context and situational awareness to proactively detect the relevant threats and stop them from succeeding. Cybersecurity has become a standout point for businesses. Any of the organization which has to go through the breach lose their credibility and incur huge cost and 60% of SMB and SME end up going out of business.

Digitalization requires “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era”, which not only provides the CMDS “Continuous real-time Monitoring, proactive Detection & auto Stopping of any threats and breaches” but close-loop with cyber hygiene to continuously improve the cybersecurity posture of organization.

Seceon aiSIEMTM & aiXDRTM is the one and only industry fully automated with the capability to provide “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era” affordable to any size organization due to disruptive innovations and elimination of 20+ feature and silos products. It provides 360-degree visibility in the infrastructure from the moment the solution is deployed by extracting 1084 features from logs, identities and flows streamed in platform with 26M+ enrichments, which are processed in parallel in real-time by Machine Learning, AI with actionable Intelligence and Dynamic Threat Model Engines with context and situational awareness of real-time events with what is happened in past and what is happening around the globe with threat intelligence to surface the threats and call remediation engine to generate SOAR policies to eliminate/contain the threats in real-time i.e. stopping threats from succeeding and also continuously improving the cyber hygiene by applying the policies on FW, EDR, NAC, Identity Management Systems and Policy enabled infrastructure and help customer not only meet any compliance requirement (ISO27000, NIST, FINRA, PCI-DSS, NIST, HIPPA, GDPR, CMMC etc.) and new one by click of buttons with security analytics engine. Platform trusted by 4500+ customers around the globe.

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Diagram show the difference between industry’s other XDR and Seceon aiXDRTM Solution.
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