Nurturing a healthy digital transformation process

Digital Transformation is already a familiar term. In its essence, it deals with the integration of digital technology in all business areas to bring better value to customers.

Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic was a significant catalyst for the digital transformation process among enterprises in various industry verticals. Work-from-home (WFH) and work-from-anywhere (WFA) trends, as well as the increasing demand for online services in almost every aspect of our lives, forced businesses and organizations to accelerate their digital transformation.

When most people think of digital transformation, what they typically consider are the portals, applications, on-line services for customers, and operational and internal business applications for employees. All these digital interfaces and deliverables operate at the surface, “above ground,” and, like a tree, there’s a lot going on out of sight, at the root level, that might be even more important to the “health” and efficient rollout of your digital transformation process.

For most organizations, it’s critical for IT to have knowledge and visibility regarding the quality and availability of its digital deliverables. This is foundational to the success of the Digital Transformation.

Business and enterprise IT, in nurturing the Digital Transformation process, should be able to dig down to gain visibility, and uncover the right information that enables an understanding of what’s truly happening in their network:

  • Quality of the Digital Experience of online services to customers
  • Data about availability, as required
  • Assurance that mission-critical applications are available to employees, anywhere and anytime
  • Data on how recreational applications used by employees affect network behavior and availability
  • Detection and mitigation of attacks before they affect end-users and digital deliverables
  • Other data, as needed

With the right tools and technology in place, challenges can be addressed to assure that the Digital Transformation is effectively integrated and functioning in all business areas.

To aid in those efforts, more than a thousand enterprises throughout the world rely on the Allot Traffic Intelligence and Assurance platform, which is a market leader in Application Control and Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM). Its Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) helps to identify and address root issues that may adversely impact the Digital Transformation processes among enterprises, helping them to ensure their ability to bring value to customers and the market at large.

This is why Broadcom chose Allot as the recommended vendor to offer a transition path from the discontinued PacketShaper line of products.

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