Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap for May 7, 2021

Here are the experiences, ideas, and insights we shared during office hours today

Learning to Teach (is good for your career)

We explored the insights gained from working through onboarding for new instructors. We discussed why whiteboards are better than slides, how to use online breakout rooms, and collaboration tools to give people a voice (without being called on).

Chopping Wood, Carrying Water — and not burning out 

“Yeah, but can you disconnect?” started a discussion of finding time and space to prevent burning out, even when things need to happen. We explored the seven things we can do, based on the book “burnout” — including creative expression and breathing (with intention). 

The Value of Meaningful Social Interactions 

On the heels of the burnout discussion, we talked about the value of office hours to foster meaningful social interactions. And how coming together allows us to express our creativity, manage our energy and be more intentional with where and how we spend our time and energy. 

How do we disconnect to recharge? (and why our team benefits when we do)

We focused on real-life moments that shifted how we get away. The importance of mindset and a healthy dose of reality. If you prioritize your work, then the piles around you don’t really matter. Better, the world won’t likely end and your colleagues and team get a chance to learn. 

Too much noise – how do we turn it down?

Instead of adding and doing more, what if we looked for ways to do less, better. We explored systems for prioritizing — and finishing — work, engaging with people, and handling email. A lot of the insights centered on how we set and manage expectations. 

What culture are we building?

Always on is simply not sustainable. What do we accept? What do we model? How do we explore and promote better, healthier ways of working?

Parting thought: No one should opt out of leadership on false expectations. It’s up to us to model the better way. 

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