Find Out What We Learned This Year at DevOps Connect: DevSecOps

Hopefully, you were able to join us this year at DevOps Connect: DevSecOps @RSAC 2021! Even though the theme of this year’s virtual summit was Securing the Cloud Native World, leading industry professionals and solution providers spoke on a variety of related topics, including the evolution of DevSecOps, open source software supply chain security, automated application security testing and much more.

Each spring for the past five years, international speakers have joined forces at this event to share and discuss the most pressing issues in the security industry today. Through this peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, professionals looking to learn more about DevOps, and how the security process can be successfully built into development, heard from some of top leaders in the field—and walked away with a lot of new ideas on how to better secure, monitor and maintain their systems.

Survey Says…

This year, ZeroNorth’s DevSecOps Evangelist, Dan Beauregard, and VP of Marketing, Dave Howell, offered a peer perspective on The State of DevSecOps and how organizations can transform the way they deliver software. They shared the results of our recent survey, The Journey to True DevSecOps, conducted in March 2021, where 250 Security and DevOps professionals were surveyed to learn more about the state of their own DevSecOps programs. In this session, Dave and Dan discussed the findings of this recent research, where 90% of DevOps and IT professionals agreed—AppSec responsibility will be shared by DevOps and Security within the next three years.

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