Why Video Testimonials Are A Marketing Must

The most critical job of a marketer is to find out creative ways to draw both existing and potential consumers’ attention. You need to invest resources, time, and effort to brainstorm tactics that don’t fade away and remain relevant over the years. And most importantly, convert quality leads.

Marketers have embraced consumer reviews for ages. In online marketing, consumer testimonials that include brand reviews and product reviews have become essential aspects of a company’s marketing collateral. Video testimonials are a new addition to it, and they are playing a significant role in allowing companies to increase their consumer reach.

Let’s understand how video testimonials can help you dominate the marketing scene.

  1. Videos activate the emotional centers in our brain.

Research has shown that humans aren’t purely logical beings. Emotions also play a significant role when we make decisions. What better medium than videos to express emotions?

Anyway, text is static and emotionless. But that isn’t the case with videos. Videos are super dynamic. They include a mixture of each medium, including photos, audio, and text. Nothing beats them in evoking the right emotions in the users’ minds and hearts.

Also, text is a time-consuming medium. Many users don’t like reading books because it demands critical thinking and interpretation skills. But why is it that way?

Science explains that our brain consists of mirror neurons that fire under two circumstances. Firstly, when we do an action. And secondly, when we watch another person doing an activity.

While watching videos, we observe others acting on the screen, which activates our mirror neurons and keeps our interest alive. These neuroscientific pieces of evidence prove why video marketing for business is multiple times better than writing consumer reviews.

  1. Video ensures significantly higher retention than text.

Do you know that people remember about 80% of what they see compared to only 20% of what they read? This eye-opening statistic indicates why video testimonials are better than written reviews. Many reasons explain this unusual statistic.

Firstly, as explained in the above point, videos activate our brain’s emotional centers that substantially increase our retention capacity. Secondly, storytelling is a time-tested way of making deep impressions on the human mind.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you read the Harry Potter series or only watched it in the theater?
  • Have you only watched Slumdog Millionaire or read Q&A, the book on which the movie is based?

There is a high probability that you would have watched the movies mentioned above and neglected reading the novels. This short experiment proves why video testimonials are an excellent alternative to text for creating a compelling brand message.

  1. People like sharing videos more often than text.

How do you define the success of a particular marketing tool? By the number of times, it gets shared, right? Companies have been playing on this data to increase their sales by creating more video marketing collaterals that are share-worthy.

Some examples include Intel’s “Meet the Makers” and the critically acclaimed “So Yeah, We Tried Slack” campaign by Slack.

  1. Videos humanize your brand.

The most significant challenge that businesses face is the inability to develop a personal connection with their clients.

Most websites have a static page that displays a list of products and services along with their price. Others have an additional section for consumer testimonials but without the client’s profile or picture. These are unauthentic ways to capture attention.

On the other hand, video testimonials lend a human face to your products. When consumers see and hear how others benefit from your company’s vast range of products, it creates a positive effect on their psyche. It provides them an added reassurance that your company has the perfect solution for meeting their needs.


By now, it must be clear how important it is to develop video testimonials and the impact they can generate. In today’s interconnected world, videos can prove to be an effective way of developing robust and long-lasting consumer relations, increasing brand bandwidth, and boosting the prospect-to-consumer ratio.

However, creating impactful video testimonials isn’t a cakewalk. It requires a potent mixture of creativity, understanding of user needs, and digital marketing methods. So, start focusing more on video testimonials instead of investing resources for developing text-based marketing collaterals. With time, you will get better at it and create a massive impact on your audience.


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