If I were to ask you why you scanned for compliance at your company, I’d bet you’d tell me it was to help you pass requirements easier, to ensure that your audits are good on the first pass and so that you could troubleshoot technical issues with another process.

You didn’t know about that last one? Wait, are you telling me you don’t know about the hidden benefits of compliance that you’re getting? Let’s talk.

The truth is, if you’re setting up your compliance policy and tools correctly, you’re getting benefits you may not be aware of.

For starters, it can make your company run more efficiently through transparency. If you are reviewing the compliance reports, you’ll get a clear picture of not only your compliance status but also your operational decisions. Let’s say you set up a server used for tracking code errors, and you buy licenses for 1,000 people to use it. Through your compliance, you realize that there are really only 50 people who connect to enter data on the server. With that information, you can cut down considerably on the licenses you purchase, possibly saving your company tens of thousands of dollars.

Speaking of data, it seems like every time we turn around, we hear about another breach where data is compromised. It’s why we use compliance tools in the first place. And yes, protecting your customers’ data is crucial. Being compromised costs a company untold amounts of money and a potential loss of customers, but it’s much worse than that. We’re not just protecting data. More importantly, we’re protecting our reputations in the business world. As a business, you can pay the fines and give customers access to free identity theft services, but you can’t make people regain your trust in you. You hope they (Read more...)