Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap for April 30, 2021

We dove right into the concept of creativity, showing our work, and making our notes and insights work for us. Here are the ideas and insights we explored: 

Building a ZettleKasten

We explored the power of making notes instead of taking notes and what happens when we link ideas. For example, how do we tag and later process the asides, ideas, and ahas that come to us when writing, coding, or solving problems? And what happens when we show our work and find the patterns?

AWS Builder Community Hub

Do we know what we need?

Sometimes we don’t know what we need until we gain enough experience — and find the point of discomfort. Even then, we might lack the words and need to find the right people to guide us. 

The importance of creating

When creating, consider leaving on high note instead of moving to completion or worse, burning yourself out. It makes it easier for us to pick up. Might even create the path for us to get into the zone, the flow state… when we stop overthinking and feel good, fully in the moment. 

How do we get into “flow state?”

What’s happening in our brains when we get into flow state? If we fall to the base level of our training, does that create a need to train with purpose (training not to make shots, but to make great shots, for example)? How do we build a practice that creates the conditions for flow state?

Quality is often a result of quantity 

Whether creating pottery or isolating championship games, it seems that quality is often a result of quantity. Which means we need to develop a tolerance for the ‘junk’ – maybe 70% or more of what we do. And the importance of listening to feedback to define what quality is. 

Consistency is a key ingredient

We need a consistent practice to produce the quantity to create the quality. Deep work (a Cal Newport book) requires time and space. 

And then we pulled it all together: if we do the work to hone our craft, when the muses show up, we’re able to create remarkable things. 

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