Introducing the ‘Hands-On Security’ Podcast

Hunters’ New Podcast Series Dives Deep Into Cybersecurity Events and Best Practices

Cyber attackers increasingly become better at “blending in”, while we, security teams, become better at finding them nonetheless. Every time a global cyber event breaks out; a malware in the wild or a vulnerability discovered, and new ATP group appears, the practitioners in our field are adapting by learning from each other. Years of growth in organizational data sources, attack techniques, and vendor innovation, have resulted in a fantastic security experts community and we are here to share some of the best practices we developed with the community.


image-yoda-starwarsWhile serving as an officer at IDF’s 8200 unit, a bright commander once told me: “The working-level analysts are the ones to listen to”He’s no Yoda. But, I respect that man and I'm going to follow his advice for this podcast. Hunters’ new podcast series: ‘Hands-On Security’, brings day-to-day security expertise from analysts, threat hunters, security practitioners, SOC and CERT teams to center stage.


What to Expect

Hands-On Security covers major global cyber events, industry trends, and key detection and response challenges from the point of view of security practitioners. Every month, we’ll host a security expert to brainstorm security strategies, provide tips for preventing future intrusions, and discuss workflows for security teams. We will not hesitate to get tactical, using terms like “kernel” and “man in the middle.”

If you are a cybersecurity practitioner/enthusiast and you’re looking to equip your toolbox with fresh and timely best practices, this is the podcast for you. We’ll also provide strategic advice for improving Security teams workflows and operations efficacies. You can expect to hear about a range of topics from ProxyLogon and new vulnerabilities to broader security issues. May’s episode will cover Cloud security, specifically AWS TTPs every organization should consider. It’s going to be revealing! Future topics include how to apply ML when to use threat hunting, best correlation strategies, and more.


The Person Behind the Microphone

My name is Dvir Sayag (Twitter: @SayagSecurity), I’m a Cyber Research Specialist at Hunters, and I’ll be your podcast host and producer. I’m an IDF 8200 unit veteran with five years of experience as an officer and team leader serving in the unit’s cyber heart. My background is in adversary cyber campaigns, and I’m excited to share my experience with my guests on the show. Fun fact: I’m a former soccer player, and in my spare time I dance Bachata. Be on the lookout for some featured Latin music.


 Listen to the First Episode

The first episode of Hands-On Security, will focus on the recently discovered, in the wild, ProxyLogon vulnerability. My first guest is Ofir Har-Chen, VP of Operations and Intelligence at Hunters. In this episode, we talk through discovering the ProxyLogon vulnerability, how to deal with it, and address critical practices for managing security assets, whether in the cloud or on-premise. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcast or from the web player below. Let me know your thoughts and questions on the topic. I’d love to get your requests for other topics you’d like us to cover. Make sure to subscribe to get alerted on new episodes.


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