Why I’m Excited to Lead the Next Phase of Product Evolution at Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs’ unique approach to solving the problem of fraud and online abuse, a one-of-a-kind solution, its people, and growth momentum were reasons that compelled me to join this team of passionate people and lead the next phase of product evolution at Arkose Labs

I am a huge fan of Dan Ariely and Daniel Pink and firmly believe that purpose is what drives our actions and interests. For instance, Arkose Labs is driven by the passion of eliminating cybercrime by bankrupting the business model of fraud and making fraud financially non-viable for criminals. The purpose of the company is a big reason why I was compelled to come on board. 

I have been heavily involved in enterprise identity and security throughout my stints at my previous organizations, having participated in several protocol initiatives as well as deployment with many customers. My tenure at eBay gave me visibility in the fraud space and helped me understand the intersection of identity and fraud for B2C companies. It also gave me a chance to connect with several identity and fraud vendors. When I met the Arkose Labs’ leadership during one of these meetings, I was instantly impressed with their approach and the product offering.

A large addressable market

As digital becomes the new normal both for businesses and consumers, the attack surface will also expand many times over, with every digital business a potential target for fraud and online abuse. In 2020, nearly 4.4 billion attacks were recorded on the Arkose Labs network. This only means that the total addressable market for the Arkose Labs solution is huge and any business operating online can leverage the Arkose Labs solution to ward off fraud attempts.

A unique, end-to-end product

Risk, identity, and fraud are ever-growing and ever-evolving. Every business is trying to achieve the higher-level objective of allowing good users with the least possible friction while filtering out the bad actors. However, they face a lot of challenges as there are still many nuances to be considered, which makes it a very fragmented space. Most fraud vendors are able to solve only a part of the problem—whether it’s device profiling or bot mitigation or user challenge.

The Arkose Labs’ approach to fighting fraud and the solution are unique in terms of using targeted friction to accurately filter out bad actors. With Arkose Detect and Arkose Enforce (along with the underlying Arkose Platform), I was impressed to see an end-to-end solution complete with a feedback loop and the potential to extend the platform to other detection and enforcement solutions.

The passion of the people at Arkose Labs is contagious

I believe people are the most important part of any organization and if you put the right people together, you will emerge a winner. I must admit I was super impressed with the people at Arkose Labs, be it the leadership team or the people across departments. Their domain knowledge, passion for the product, and responsiveness are simply contagious.

I am thrilled to be part of the innovative team at Arkose Labs and look forward to leading the next phase of product evolution at Arkose Labs and to contributing to new cutting-edge features to an already world-class fraud solution. To get a peek into how the solution is helping global businesses fight fraud, please book a demo now.

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