Webinar: Out in the Open: Automation of OSINT for CTI

When an incident occurs, CTI analysts get to work, collecting as much information as they can to quickly get to the source of the problem and help remedy the issue. But the firehose approach doesn’t work for CTI data collection – you need to fine-tune your requirements carefully to make sure you gather only what’s important, don’t miss anything significant, and don’t waste too much time filtering your data post-collection. How do you ensure that you gather all the relevant information, from a wide variety of sources, and do it with speed and accuracy?

Join Daniel Ben-Chitrit, Sr. Product Manager at Authentic8, as he shares his insights on when and how to automate OSINT data collection. Here’s what Daniel will cover:

  • What methods of OSINT collection are available today and how analysts can leverage them for secure data gathering, analysis and storage
  • Why data collection automation is relatively easy to automate, but still requires a fair amount of human intervention
  • Best practices and techniques that can help you meet mission requirements while keeping your enterprise secure
  • How to ensure you are not missing anything important, even when your target data sources constantly shift


March 24, 2021 | 10:00 a.m. PT, 1:00 p.m. ET

Daniel will also share real-life examples of how automation can help overcome the limitations of human analyst bandwidth to speed time to resolution.

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