The Silo Sessions #07: Anti-Money Laundering in a Nutshell w/ Kevin Sullivan

Interview: Pitfalls of BSA/AML Research on the Web

The pressure on financial services organizations of all sizes to comply with federal Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations is steadily increasing. Banks and investment firms are facing stiff regulatory fines, civil penalties, and industry disbarment for compliance violations. Industry observers point out that many cases resulting ... Read More
The Silo Sessions #04: Silo Browser Beats Chrome

Silo vs. Chrome Study “Kind of Eye-Opening”

| | Remote Browser, security
Silo beats Google Chrome as the most secure browser for the enterprise, researchers at Georgetown University found. For our podcast “The Silo Sessions”, Authentic8 Co-founder and CEO Scott Petry spoke with Paul Brigner, Managing Director of the Security and Software Engineering Research Center (S2ERC) at Georgetown University, about the study ... Read More
The Silo Sessions #03: GDPR in the US

Inside GDPR: What Does It Mean for U.S.-based Companies?

GDPR in the US: What American companies need to know, explained in this 10-min. Silo Sessions podcast - Authentic8 CEO Scott Petry in conversation with Steve Durbin, GM of the Information Security Forum ... Read More
Risk Management and Employee Cybersecurity

Risk Management and Employee Cybersecurity

At the ALM cyberSecure conference in New York City, Authentic8 CEO Scott Petry will moderate a discussion panel on “Revamping Employee Cybersecurity Policies and Training to Mitigate Legal Risks.” ... Read More