Gartner highlights the trend toward multifunction platforms for critical OT system security

“By 2025, 75% of OT security solutions will be interoperable with IT security solutions and delivered via multifunction platforms.”

This statement by Gartner validates that the ITOT convergence trend is in full swing. It also reinforces the need for IT security teams to partner with OT operators across the enterprise to ensure cyber and operational resiliency.

Gartner recently released their Market Guide for Operational Technology Security, which provides a comprehensive overview of the OT security market as well as recommendations that security risk leaders can leverage to protect critical OT systems from cyber and operational threats.

A key finding highlighted in the Market Guide is that “[Today’s SRM leaders] are reluctant to add stand-alone solutions to their inventories” that add complexity to their environments, and thus “platform-based solutions become a center of gravity.” Since the ITOT convergence trend began, there have been myriad “point solutions” that focus on a narrow aspect of OT security. While each one may be strong in a very specific area, these solutions often require stakeholders across the enterprise to do considerable heavy lifting with regard to vendor management, coalescing and aggregating data into effective workflows and maximizing return on investment.

Taking this into account, this year’s Market Guide not only focuses on the evolution of the platform-centric OT security landscape, but also covers the key platform vendors that are addressing the challenges faced in protecting OT systems.
Forescout is proud to be named a multifunction OT security platform vendor in the Market Guide. The Forescout platform delivers comprehensive OT/ICS visibility and automated mitigation to contain cyber and operational risk.

In addition, our eyeInspect (formerly SilentDefense™) solution, coupled with the Forescout platform, provides IT and OT network managers with the ability to:

  • Gain complete device visibility across the entire enterprise
  • Deploy a highly scalable solution across all OT/ICS network levels
  • Reduce compliance risk by seeing, defining and tracking the real-time compliance status of all assets
  • Achieve enterprise-wide segmentation to monitor or limit access and mitigate threats crossing network boundaries
  • Gain unmatched automation, orchestration and response capabilities

Read the Market Guide to learn more, and if you would like to see Forescout eyeInspect in action, sign up for a live Test Drive.

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