Customer Spotlight: Managing Uploads to Non-Traditional Applications


2020 was a challenging year for cybersecurity teams. They had to secure an unexpected shift to remote work in a matter of days, respond to a surge in BYOD usage, and maintain secure operations without physical access to the resources that they typically use–all without compromising productivity or performance.

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During this period, our security research and advisory teams have observed an expansion in the number of different ways that data is exchanged; concurrently, we have observed how security teams have adapted to enable productivity while ensuring protections against data leakage. 

Yet, it begs the question–how do you keep pace with such a rapid expansion of avenues where data can be transferred? In many ways, how you want to control the data may already exist–the needs are generally consistent with DLP policies for commonly used applications (e.g. Office 365, However, how you apply that to new use cases or applications today or in the future is unclear.

At Bitglass, this is addressed through our Field Programmable SASE Logic (FPSL). In 5 minutes, any policy that is used for common applications can be used for new use cases, as well. Below is a simple example of how this can be achieved, but we commonly see variations to support Zoom, Webex, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.



if ((BG.method == “POST”) and

        BG.domain:find(“$”) and

BG.uri:find(“/zoomfile/upload”)) then

        BGResult.match = 1

        BGResult.log = “Zoom Upload”



We will continue to share various snippets in the event that they accelerate or enhance your use cases. But if you would like to understand how your use case can be supported, feel free to reach out to me directly, or your Bitglass contact.

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