Security Catalyst Office Hours Recap for February 19, 2021

The theme of the week was intrinsic versus extrinsic value. As promised, we explored the three essential ingredients for a successful week, as well as considering other perspectives, too. 

Here are the topics we explored together: 

Show your work sooner- don’t wait for perfection: consider the qualifiers of information to help guide proper action + the benefit of showing your work to see your own value

Letting others define our value causes friction: Friction erodes value, destroys trust, and causes people to burn out — and why a lot of people leave their jobs 

When do you decide to move on? When do you accept the sunk cost of your efforts and decide it’s time to leave? This led to additional discussion around: 

  • How do you self-diagnose?
  • What steps do you take once you realize the misalignment?
  • What about your team?

What is YOUR purpose and value? And how does it fit and align with the team and organization? What plays to your strengths and excites you, allowing you to bring your best self forward?

What type of security leader are you? Is your path business, technical or hybrid? Is your strength or desire founding, fixing, or farming? 

How to reflect to distill to your Best Next Step: three questions to ask to find your list, and how to sift through it to find the best step to take next. 

Here is visual recap: 

And the video recap: 

We continued to interleave discussions about the ongoing themes of maps, map-making, concepts from The Guide to Take Back Your Week, and the power of reframing and asking questions. 

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