Less Than 25% of Firms Have Solid Security Access Control

Security Access Control Weakness is a Serious Problem

Cyberattacks against targets in every sector have been increasing as overall cybercrime continues to climb – 80% of firms have seen an increase in cybercrime in the last 12 months. While companies continue to search for ways that they can fight back against that cybercrime wave, many of them are overlooking a crucial point of protection – security access control.

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Young Companies Lack Guidance & Direction

In a recent report from access control experts, one major factor that sticks out is that less than 25% of companies surveyed have adequate active security access controls in place to protect the gateways that allow employees to interact with systems and data, especially companies with less mature cybersecurity programs. This is a huge gap that creates opportunities for cybercriminals and exposes young companies to unnecessary risk.

Those less mature companies also tend to be less diligent about updating and replacing inadequate access control systems, even though that is a huge factor in data breach risk. Experts found that 53% of mature companies conduct regular end-to-end security assessments, but only 36% of newer organizations do. They’re also less likely to replace vulnerable hardware or software – 63% of mature companies will, but only 34% of younger companies make that move.

That may be because less mature companies aren’t getting the expert advice that they need. Newer organizations are also significantly less likely to use managed service providers for cybersecurity services – 47% of mature companies do, but only 6% of newer organizations have contracted with an MSP. Many young companies may be unaware of the benefits of using an MSP, creating opportunities for outreach and MSP growth. Younger companies may be falsely confident that they can DIY their security to their detriment.

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One Solution Solves Major Problems

There is an affordable, fast-deploying solution to many companies’ access control system deficiencies: Passly. Secure identity and access management is a key priority for CISOs for a reason – it works. Passly is the ideal multifunctional one-stop security tool for both young and mature companies in any sector.

Passly protects even a company’s most sensitive access points with security tools that seamlessly integrate with business applications while adding three access control essentials that keep systems and data safer.

  • Secure Shared Password Vaults – Keep your most sensitive passwords safe yet still accessible to the IT team to minimize danger by putting them in a central password repository that everyone who needs it can securely access – and only those people.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) – This game-changing access point regulation tool is essential for limiting the number of points to defend within your system. SSO makes it a breeze to add and remove permissions by user instead of by application, as well as acting as a separate layer of security to keep intruders out.
  • Simple Remote Management – Techs can access everything that they need to maintain the integrity of your secure access system anytime, anywhere with quick options for quarantining compromised accounts and locking down applications and data in case of emergency.
  • Plus, Passly includes Multifactor Authentication, an essential tool that’s not only considered a best-practice by cybersecurity experts worldwide, but it can also prevent more than 90% of cybercrime on its own by requiring a second identifier before granting users access.

Contact the experts at ID Agent today for an assessment of your risk and we’ll help you make an action plan to implement the right solutions to keep systems and data safe against intrusion and maintain better security access control without breaking the bank.

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