Ince and Mission Secure Launch Cybersecurity Solution for Maritime

Earlier this week, Ince, the international legal and professional services firm, in cooperation with Mission Secure, launched a new integrated cybersecurity solution for the maritime sector as part of what is called InceMaritime. This cooperation offers the industry’s first integrated cybersecurity legal advisory, business consultancy, and technology offering helping ship owners and operators navigate the sector’s greatest challenges and IMO 2021 cyber compliance.

A Time of Unprecedented Change and Regulatory Transformation

The launch of the InceMaritime cybersecurity solution comes at a critical time for the maritime industry.

Cybersecurity remains one of the industry’s greatest challenges, and attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day. The number of cyber-attacks in maritime has increased by 400% since February 2020, and attacks on operational technology (OT) have increased by 900% over the past three years.

Following the NotPetya ransomware cyber-attack on Maersk in 2017 — which cost over $300 million in losses — there have been a series of attacks on major shipping organizations, including Mediterranean Shipping Co., Cosco Shipping Lines, Carnival Cruise Lines, CMA CGM, and most recently the IMO itself.

Additionally, as of the first of January 2021, the IMO has mandated that ship owners and managers must incorporate cyber risk management and security into the ISM Code safety management on vessels, enforced by Port State Control.

Fully Integrated Maritime Cybersecurity Offering

The launch of InceMaritime is founded on an understanding of the increasing complexities of the maritime industry and the need to provide fully integrated and all-encompassing solutions that enable organizations to respond to the challenges facing the maritime sector.

With InceMaritime, Ince and Mission Secure will provide clients with a fully integrated cyber security offering that protects on-shore and on-vessel OT networks, safeguards operations, and ensures compliance and business continuity. The joint proposition comprises:

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