Discussing Cybersecurity Outcomes (Not Features) with CIOs

As a newcomer within the cybersecurity industry, having joined ActZero/IntelliGO just over eight months ago, there have been many learning opportunities to come my way. One of the biggest lessons when selling technology is learning how to talk to your prospects, and gearing the conversation towards what is important to a prospective buyer. 

In talking to CIOs virtually every day, I have gotten to know their main concerns fairly well, and what seems most compelling to them when it comes to evaluating a cybersecurity service. I have noticed that oftentimes I do not need to get overly technical with fancy features we can supply, but focus instead on the outcomes our MDR service can provide to their organization – to innovatively better their current processes.

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Of course, having amazing product features to offer businesses is a crucial part of the selling process.  There would be no selling if there wasn’t any value to be sold. And we have built a pretty great service. Our MDR service provides an enterprise-grade tech stack and expert threat hunters to proactively detect and respond to threats on your behalf, 24/7, using both human and machine learning, to continually improve your security posture. But, as I have learned from many conversations with heads of IT, all these great features don’t mean much if it isn’t something that resonates with the buyer. Your product and service must be a solution to a problem the organization faces, or something that makes their day-to-day work life considerably easier. 

One of the most important lessons my Head of Sales taught me was distinguishing the difference between two buying situations – a leaky roof, or a kitchen renovation. This scenario describes how your prospect sees the product you are selling. If you strive to simply sell features, (Read more...)

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