2021 Cybersecurity Predictions

With a new year comes a new set of predictions for cybersecurity. We’ve developed these predictions to help corporate executives and IT leaders of small to medium sized organizations improve their risk management strategies. This has become a yearly tradition for us, and allows you to benefit from the multidisciplinary group of experts we convene each year to develop predictions.

Check out our previous predictions for 2020, here. 

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Why trust us?

IntelliGO Networks is an AI-enabled cybersecurity provider of Managed Detection and Response, so we have lots of experience within the industry, and deep security expertise to facilitate sound predictions. We have a rigorous process of developing predictions with inputs solicited from stakeholders across our company, including research, sales engineering, security engineering, threat hunting, operations, and leadership – and distilling down to the best ones. Finally, each year we debrief on whether our predictions from the previous year came to pass.

Ok, let’s get to the predictions! For a deeper dive into the predictions, or a retrospective on last year’s, check out our 2021 Cybersecurity Predictions whitepaper here.

Prediction 1: The endpoint becomes the first, and last, line of defense

What we are predicting: Appreciation for the importance of secure endpoints will grow, consistent with this analyst’s assertion that “the stark reality that organized crime-funded cybercriminals are relentless in searching out unprotected endpoints and exploiting them for financial gain.”

Why we are predicting it: First, the inapplicability of firewall and web gateway technologies (for more on this, see predictions two and three below) and the prevalence of SaaS or cloud-based applications, mean that threats are increasingly directed at the endpoint.

Second, because of the industry shift to detection and response, which was at least in part, a result of network-based solutions like Zero Trust Network Access proving insufficient (Read more...)

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