RSAC VIRTUAL SUMMIT: Spotlight on AppSec

As gold sponsors of the upcoming RSAC 365 Virtual Summit on January 27, 2021, ZeroNorth is thrilled to be a part of the conversation around what’s on the horizon for application security.

Let’s Look Ahead!

Over the course of one day, this year’s event will host four different tracks, with a total of 16 different speaking sessions. While we will be closely following all things related to Application Security, there will also be opportunities to listen in on three other key areas, including Analytics, Intelligence & Response; Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Automation, and the overall impact of 2020 on the industry. Attendees can attend virtual talks in the Briefing Center, connect with fellow attendees and visit the Sponsor Showcase to check out some of today’s leading solutions.

What’s Happening in Application Security?

The answer is… a lot! ZeroNorth’s CEO, John Worrall and DevSecOps Evangelist, Dan Beauregard, will share a 15-minute session on what happens when security and development teams are not aligned on how to deliver secure software quickly—including how this misalignment can put the business at risk. John and Dan will discuss how to tackle these challenges head-on by establishing a model of shared responsibility that empowers developers to deliver secure code while providing security teams the control they need to meet risk and compliance requirements.

To complement this session on DevSecOps and the Federated Responsibility Model, great topics are planned in the AppSec track, including the Salesforce session on improving AppSec and the Dolby session on scaling enterprise security. We’re also looking forward to Director of Product Security for Target, Jennifer Czaplewski’s session where she’ll be discussing the need for security champions within an organization as a way to drive meaningful change and scale the pace and size of IT. She will share insight on how Target solved their security challenges by switching their teams from enforcers to teachers and establishing a “credit score” to measure practices, change testing procedures and build an exclusive Security Champions Program of their own.

As an ongoing pulse-taking of the Security Champions Program, and an extension of our recent research report, ZeroNorth is conducting a short poll on the subject. We want to know where you are in the evolution of your program. To participate, just visit the ZeroNorth LinkedIn page and take the poll on the state of your Security Champions Program—and how it has affected your journey toward better application security.

For more information on topics and speakers, visit the conference agenda and make sure to stop by the ZeroNorth booth. You won’t want to miss this chance to start off the new year right!

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