Introducing the Ermetic Advisory Board: Gerhard Eschelbeck, Former CISO of Google

We recently announced the formation of the Ermetic Advisory Board which includes a who’s who of CISOs and cloud security experts from the technology, media and communications sectors.

So who *are* these experts? In recent posts, we met Travis McPeak of Netflix, Adrian Ludwig of Atlassian and Elie AbenMoha of Publicis Groupe.

Next up is Gerhard Eschelbeck, the former Vice President Security and Privacy Engineering at Google. We recently spoke with Gerhard and asked him for his predictions and insights on public cloud security…

What do you think are the biggest cloud security challenges/concerns for organizations?

Many security risks in the cloud point to improper management of identities. Unauthorized access through misuse of credentials and inappropriate access controls remain key challenges. This could result in exposure of sensitive data or even full compromise. Proper authentication and authorization controls, as well as management of privileged access must be part of a sound security strategy for cloud adoption.

What are your predictions for Cloud and cyber security over the next year? Next five years?

Cloud computing adoption will continue to accelerate over the next few years, and cyber security needs to evolve to deal with cloud-centric security risks. Cloud services are built on a model of automation, and we need more “self-driving” security functions and controls. I anticipate over the next few years we will see a shift from traditional security technologies to cloud-native security solutions dealing with misuse or abuse of privilege and closing data protection gaps in the cloud.

What drew you to Ermetic?

I have a passion for championing new technologies and deeply enjoy working with security startups and being an active mentor of security leaders. The Ermetic team is solving a real security issue – making the cloud a safer place – and I am excited and honored to support them in their mission.

What do you do outside of work? What are your hobbies or interests?

Several years ago, I became a beekeeper, and find it most fascinating outside of security – how a superorganism of tens of thousands of honeybees in a beehive are entirely self-organizing and incredibly effective in doing so. Honeybees are under significant threat from environmental and other factors; we can provide a healthy environment and use technology to overcome these challenges. All our beehives are equipped with sensors for temperature, humidity and weight connected to the cloud.

Favorite inspirational or motivational quote…

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

Want to hear more from Gerhard?

Stay tuned…


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