FPSL – Field Programmable SASE Logic

FPSL Field Programmable SASE Logic

When configuring a SASE platform to control traffic or data, the space of requirements is infinite. Basic capabilities can be configured via drop down menu options, regular expressions etc.  But what about complex logic involving IP addresses, cookies, form data, user ID, app instance, headers and beyond?

Introducing Field Programmable SASE Logic (FPSL).  Unique from Bitglass, the logic allows deep and surgical control of access and traffic to enforce almost an SASE security policy.  Custom logic modules can be be stored in libraries, shared and reused within and across customers.  Plus out of the box modules for popular policies.  For example, the module in the graphic above shows how to control signin to AWS by instance. 

FPSL enables organizations to enforce almost any SASE policy rapidly.   And on any app including custom or private apps, not just on the major apps.

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