BullPhish ID is Fully Revamped and Raring to Go

Our Phishing Resistance Solution is Packed with NEW Features You’ll Love!

COVID-19 changed the world and with it the cyber threat landscape. Phishing threats are up more than 600%. Supporting a remote workforce in these tumultuous times means that your clients need a security awareness training program that’s going to boost their employees’ phishing resistance fast. You’ve got opportunity knocking, but you need more from BullPhish ID to enable you to capitalize on it.

We heard you loud and clear. That’s why we’re grabbing the bull by the horns and making changes to BullPhish ID that incorporate your feedback. Every business is at risk of cyberattacks, especially from spear phishing threats that carry ransomware, and you need a solution that’s ideal for all of your clients. We’ve pulled out all the stops to tick all of the boxes on your wish list!

Insider threats include phishing. Explore cybercriminal tricks to stop phishing with our new book represented by a light blue comic panel of a phishing hook and old-fashioned comic book style in light blue on dark blue with facts about cybersecurity in 2020

Learn the Secret of How Cybercriminals Trick You Into Falling for Phishing Messages!

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Meet the NEW Updated & Upgraded BullPhish ID!

Our new features make it prove the value of training with updated features and reports to make sure that all of your clients know that they’re conducting effective programs. Loaded with performance enhancements, desirable features and upgraded functionality, the new BullPhish ID is a powerhouse designed to stand on its own 4 feet to be the premier security awareness training solution in the Channel – and that’s no bull. 

  • The highly-anticipated new, user-friendly training portal capability is here! These customizable portals can be white-labelled and they not only make it easy and approachable for users to take training, but it also makes running campaigns a snap!
  • The much-requested ability to add attachments to faux-phishing emails that are used in training campaigns and track who interacts with them!
  • Tools that enable customization of emails and training kit lures to make them extremely tempting to users being trained!

Ready to see it all in action? Set up a call with one of our experts today for a personal introduction to the NEW BullPhish ID and let’s discuss how you and your clients will benefit from the updates and upgrades. SET UP A CALL>>

Pssst… We’re not done making improvements yet! Expect major updates like fresh reporting tools and new sales configurations in the near future.

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