ATP and SWG with Bitglass: Stopping Threats in the Open Ocean

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While it is self-evident that the world wide web is an indispensable asset for businesses around the globe, it is equally obvious that securing its use is of utmost importance. The internet is an open ocean filled with threats lying just below the surface. Malware can be downloaded from a virtually infinite number of destinations and subsequently spread throughout an enterprise’s IT ecosystem. For organizations that aren’t prepared to defend against these threats on the web, breaches are sure to follow. Fortunately, Bitglass is a puncture-proof vessel built to stop threats on this open ocean. 

While standard secure web gateways offer URL filtering in order to block unsafe (or unproductive) web destinations, this capability alone is not enough to completely defend against malware. While filtering threatening URLs is necessary, users can also become infected with malware in otherwise trustworthy destinations; for example, by opening an infected attachment on an email sent to a personal Yahoo account, or by downloading an infected file from a partner’s Dropbox instance. While the sea creatures in some waters may seem benign, they are actually hiding their vicious designs…

SmartEdge for Safe Sailing

Because of the above, Bitglass’ SmartEdge Secure Web Gateway provides real-time, inline advanced threat protection (ATP) (in addition to URL filtering). With Bitglass, organizations can scan every file that users attempt to download from the web for malware. Whether download is attempted on an unsafe website or one that is otherwise trustworthy, Bitglass can identify infected files in real time and prevent them from making their way onto users’ endpoints. Because of SmartEdge’s unique on-device architecture (which requires no traffic forwarding to an on-premises appliance or cloud proxy), latency is minimized and customers experience far better performance and scalability than they would with competing solutions. In other words, not all ships are created equal.

An ATP solution is only as effective as the engine that is used to scan for malware. For this reason, Bitglass has partnered with multiple leaders in the AV industry, leveraging their specialized technologies to identify any threat–including brand-new, zero-day malware. Specifically, Bitglass has integrated the CrowdStrike, Bitdefender, and Cylance engines directly into its SWG so that customers can choose which they would like to use to defend against threats. With Bitglass, you can confidently traverse the internet seas without worrying about the hidden threats beneath the surface. 


SmartEdge is one part of Bitglass’ secure access service edge (SASE) platform, along with its multi-mode cloud access security broker (CASB) and real-time zero trust network access (ZTNA). The platform provides consistent, comprehensive security across all interactions, and uses integrated ATP to defend against threats in managed cloud resources, the web and shadow IT, and on-premises resources.  

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